The entire band had honed their performance skills. For their young age, U2 had a very clean and unique sound. Heads began to turn. Soon once gaining management, U2 scored a record cope with Island Records in 1980 and released their 1st album, 'Boy' in 'eighty one. However immediate edgewas having some inner turmoils. As a terribly religious young man and with real success looming, the guitarist was conflicted between his spiritual beliefs and also the flashy, self-indulgent life-vogue of a rock musician. So serious was the inner conflict, that immediate edgeconsidered leaving the band, in early '83, throughout the tour for second album 'October'. However when a lot of soul-looking, he came to the conclusion that it had been he that made the choices that ruled his life and actions. The truth he was during a successful band had nothing to do together with his religious beliefs.

Later that year, immediate edgemarried Aisilinn O' Sullivan. Along the couple had three daughter's, Hallie, Arran, and Blue Angel. The wedding lasted seven years, ending in 1990. He would later remarry in 2002 to Morliegh Steinberg. They had two youngsters, a son and daughter.