The recent years have seen a tremendous change in the approach of schools towards education. They are open to ideas and undergoing digitalization. Adaptive learning is one such element that is slowly gaining traction in schools and changing the way students learn. Let’s understand this concept in a better way.

What is Adaptive Learning?
Adaptive learning is a technology-based educational system to analyze the performance of students in real-time and modifying the methods of teaching based on that. In short, it is merging AI with real teachers and designing personalized engagement strategies.

How Adaptive Learning is making its Way in Schools?

Customized Curriculum
With adaptive technology, it is possible to fetch the data of students in real-time. Teachers can use the data about the strengths and weaknesses of students to come up with different strategies that can evolve the learning process. When teachers know the areas that students are finding difficult to understand, they can customize the curriculum accordingly. Many companies are offering a customized curriculum for schools using adaptive learning technology.

Adaptive Learning Tools
Several adaptive learning tools such as games and interesting audiovisual content are successful in getting the attention of students and improving their interest in studies. Some of the games and activities come with reward points, making the whole concept more challenging and engaging for students.

Time Management
The diverse student population and increasing class size are two areas of concern for students. While every student demands one-on-one time; teachers find it difficult to do so. The result could be a lower quality of education. Adaptive technology gives teachers the in-depth data making it easier for them to identify weak points at an early age and clarify the gaps then & there itself. This way, teachers streamline their work and focus on strengthening only the weak concepts in a student.

Implementation of Adaptive Learning in Schools
With many tech solutions providers, it has become easier for schools to implement adaptive learning. All they need to do is, find a reputable solutions provider, and discuss the requirement. These companies provide adaptive learning solutions for preschool curriculum, primary and higher levels as other digitalization tools to enable schools to undergo complete transformation smoothly.

Final Words
Adaptive learning makes it easier for students to analyze data and understand the individualized needs of every student with the help of technology. When they know the strong and weak points, it gets easier to plan one-on-one sessions. In classes, some students are hesitant on asking questions openly - adaptive technology can help in that scenario. There are several other areas as well where adaptive learning technology can play a pivotal role in streamline teaching and learning process in schools.

About Author
Annie is an elementary school teacher. She loves using technology and her creative skills to make learning more engaging for students. Annie has written several articles telling the need for customized curriculum for schools.