The origin of Cooper name is from Cupar in Fife that constitutes the centuries old adobes encircling Abbey of Coupar in Angus. Cooper is an ordinary name that holds two meanings that are maker of casks and a native of Cupar in Fife. Its history traces back to the 13th century.

Cooper Tartan Kilt

The Cooper or Couper name origin seems to be largely derived from the occupation of barrel maker. There are a variety of spellings that writes as Cooper, Couper, Coupar and Cowpar. The English poet William Cowper - 1731-1800 , writing to a friend confided that his roots lay in Fife. ‘I am originally of the same shire, and a family of my name is still there.’

Cooper Tartan Kilts

Cowper’s poems had a strong religious tone, and his poem “Light Shining out of Darkness” begins with the now-famous adage “God moves in a mysterious way/His wonders to perform.” He was also adamant that his surname was pronounced like ‘Cooper’. We offer a very attractive variety of Cooper Tartan Kilt and you can choose one for you and as a gift, item for a loved one from our given list. Prices are the lowest and stock is limited. Those who are allergic to fine and pure wool can have one made from acrylic material. We deliver worldwide. Place your order now.