Delivery of goods from one location to another has been an ongoing affair, which most of us are familiar with. The limitation which was not addressed for a long time was proper assistance for stranded vehicles. When trucks travel for long distances, they are prone to lose their agility and get repaired. Stranded vehicles need quick and organized aid, for which the Uber for roadside assistance app comes handy. 

Solutions you can provide to the users by availing our on-demand tow truck app development services. 

1.Immediate assistance at the time of need. Getting stranded on the road and seeking help is not an easy task. The Uber for tow truck app provides immediate assistance and help.

2.The cost of the service is estimated in the app beforehand, which gives an idea of the service cost beforehand. They are set at a reasonable price. 

  1. Priority services like tire change, towing, fuel delivery, and battery replacement can be provided to the users, and they need to update the same on the app while requesting service.

4.The GPS feature in the app enables the service provider to locate and reach the stranded vehicles easily. 

  1. Most importantly, it gives assurance that you can contact for help and get immediate assistance if your vehicle gets stranded. 


The global towing vehicle market is expected to reach a value of $8.95 billion by 2024. 

You can indulge in Tow truck app development at a good app development company like Appdupe and develop a robust Uber for tow trucking application to provide timely assistance for the stranded ones and be a part of the billion-dollar industry.