marijuana vape

The GV Lit is a portable dry herb vaporizer with a combustion-free baking method. The GV Lit dry herb vape features integrated 2500mAh battery, double-layer ceramic structure chamber, OLED display, and digital control. The GV Lit is an odorless dry herb vaporizer intended to bake and crystalize dry herb and produce clear vapor almost without clouds. For convenience, the GV Lit vape comes with two types of mouthpieces: flat and glass mouthpiece. The GV Lit herbal vaporizer is very user friendly: simply press 5 times on the main button to activate the device, set the desired temperature, and press the main button, the temperature will be rising and in approximately 25 seconds it vibrates to indicate that the unit is ready to use. After that, the GV Lit vaporizer will remain at this temperature, allowing you to utilize the dry herb slowly and at your pleasure. The GV Lit flower vaporizer is powered by a 2500mAh battery with protection from over-time running, over-wattage, short-circuit, and overcharging. The GV LIt can be charged via Micro-USB port through a wall USB adapter 0.5A

Double-Layer Ceramic Structure Chamber
Combustion-Free & Odorless Vapor
25 Seconds Heating Time to 435 F
Vibration Feedback

Power: Integrated 2500mAh Battery
5-Click On/Off
Height 115mm
Diameter 19mm
Weight 80g

What you get:
1x GV Lit Device
1× Glass Mouthpiece
1× Flat Mouthpiece
1× Picking Tool
1× Cleaning Brush
1× USB Cable
User Manual