SpaceX has been consistently pressuring locals to leave the town of Boca Chica in Texas, but residents are resilient and have shown a desire to not budge.

Willingly or unwillingly, has Elon Musk destroyed a community? The trailer of a new documentary alludes to the fact that it might have.

The documentary sheds spotlight on people living in a village which is a stone throw away from SpaceX’s high-tech rocket launching facility located in Southern Texas.

Vice TV has just recently aired a documentary on Sunday. The documentary titled “Vice Versa: Between Musk and Mars” offers an investigative account of disruption that is caused if a tech giant like SpaceX moves their facility to a certain location especially when the residents are unwelcoming of the move.

Elon Musk’s plan is ambitious, but like all industrialists, he is very skewed and apathetic towards earthly matters. It is reported that he has every intention of taking control over the Boka Village so that he can extend the reach of the facility, build residential complexes for employees and even try to simulate Mars surroundings in the nearby area. All this will be in accordance with the partial fulfilment of his big dream to send 1 million people to Mars by 2050.



If his tweets are to be believed, he is very serious about that dream, and presumably, if he had to destroy the wildlife and force people out of their homes, he will not flinch from doing so. The word is out on the streets that he is already on his way to do that.

SpaceX’s plans have caused havoc on the lives of the residents and among are some local retirees who say that their serene vacation home has been turned into a war zone in the blink of an eye.

Some warning letters have been consistently arriving on the doorsteps of the residents, and one of them read that the people must evacuate in order to save themselves from any possible injury because rocket tests always pose a possible threat to civilians nearby.

To be fair with Elon Musk, with a certain perspective, Mars Colonization research facilities will also be bringing jobs to Texas, and if the business tycoon succeeds in what he aspires to do, he will also be aiding the poor county of Texas in terms of revenue.

What is also imperative to remind ourselves that if Musk indeed lands 1 million people on Mars by 2050, the Boka Chica county and those residents will forever embed their names in the history books as the foundation stones of the humanity’s greatest achievements.

However, when all is said and heard, what we all must do is keep our feet on the ground when looking towards the sky. No life can be considered disposable on the face of a so-called “big dream.”

“Between Musk and Mars” aired on Vice TV on Sunday, September the 21st 2020 and revealed some fresh outlooks from the perspectives of the residents who refuse to comply with Elon Musk’s evacuation demands and tactics.

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