My name is Joe, and I created this blog to educate you on a variety of food and drink options. My blog provides you with food and drink ideas that will help you to impress your family and friends. My mission is to share my food and drink knowledge with you, so that you can learn a variety of food and drink options that you can incorporate into your lifestyle. I hope that you utilize my blog for your food and drink needs!

Pasta dish recipes can be very easy to turn unhealthy. Adding an exorbitant amount of meat or cheese. A cream sauce. Canned ravioli. A cheap jar of sauce with high fructose corn syrup in it. Pasta recipes can toe the line between healthy and delicious, bad for you and delicious, and then just plain bad. The best part about healthy pasta dishes, though, is that their pasta recipes are usually the simpler and easier ones to make, as well as being cheaper in terms of ingredients.

My all time favorite pasta recipe is so simple, humble and rustic, that anyone can do it, and I challenge you to find anyone who will not like it. You may have all of the ingredients in your cabinets right now.