FOCUS Home inspection Authority (FHIA) additionally focuses on New Home Construction first Year guarantee Inspections that facilitate to avoid the ill-famed Construction Defect proceeding. All major new home builders in California give an intensive ten Year Construction guarantee, that almost all house owners, of freshly made homes, area unit unacquainted very well. As a part of the builder guarantee, the customer is answerable for inspecting their new home. Our expertise during this specialised field alone, has saved many New Home house owners thousands of greenbacks in repair and/or end prices, by distinctive and providing a listing of things that will be submitted to your home builder below your New Home first Year "Fit & Finish" guarantee for repairs at no price. we have a tendency to area unit terribly accustomed to the building standards of the foremost builders in Southern California and have presently performed over one,200 of those inspections. If you're a clever owner of a replacement home and have purchased that home inside the past eleven months, this can be a "Must Have Inspection" to guard your investment! demand additional details - 949-945-0111 - Home review Services throughout Orange County California.