Having a personal safety device can save a child during situations where the parents may not always be present. Children like to play and to explore their world and wonder off in their own thoughts. In that process, accidents could happen and the possible sustain of injuries or worse is ever-present. Unfortunately, in some cases, those injuries can be fatal with more than two million children under the age of 15 are estimated to experience injuries arising from accidents in and around the home every year. It is also estimated that 62 children under the age of five lose their lives yearly as a result of injuries sustained during accidents.

Typical Child Accidents that Can Occur

  1. Falls: These are by far the most common accidents that occur with children. In fact, statistics show that they constitute 44 percent of all children's accidents. A fall can happen on the same level or between two levels, such as falling from a pram, a bed, or a chair.
  2. Poisoning: Children do ingest substances like medicines, cosmetics, fuel, and others. This type of accident usually requires immediate medical attention to prevent fatalities. This explains the need for personal emergency response systems to provide real-time responses to these very emergency situations.
  3. Fire Accidents: Children are at risk of fire burns when fire accidents happen. A child can be the cause of a fire outbreak by lighting gas cookers or putting up fires close to inflammable liquids.
  4. Glass-Associated Accidents: Broken tumblers, bottles, and glass doors can leave very deep cuts and wounds in children, and bleeding from such injuries can cause serious problems.

Safety Advice for Children

  1. Supervise children at all times: It is important to supervise children at all times. One of the ways to do this is by having personal emergency response systems to alert you when there is a crisis.
  2. Keep Floor Free from Toys or Other Items: The environment that children play must be kept free from items scattered about so that children do not trip and fall. This is important to keep your child safe.
  3. Do Not Leave Babies Unattended on Raised Surfaces: Especially children from age 6 months to one year who like to crawl, stand, rollover, and stick whatever they find appealing into their mouths. A child can fall off the raised surface and get badly injured.
  4. Design Children Playgrounds to Enhance Safety: Proper planning and design of children’s rooms and playgrounds can be crucial to safety. Safety gates, fireguards, and fitting children with personal emergency response systems are some ways that risks could be minimized.
  5. Keep Harmful Substances out of the Reach of Children: Medicines, inflammable liquids, cosmetics, and others should be kept away from children, to avoid ingestion that may lead to death.

About Silent Beacon

Silent Beacon is one of the best personal emergency systems in the market today. It is uniquely designed with you and your children in mind. It is completely compliant with the contemporary lifestyle which puts the mobile phone at the center of most of the daily activities people get involved in. With the Free Silent Beacon App connected to your mobile phone, you can reach out to your loved ones and the emergency services just at the press of a button during a crisis. You have the chance to save up to eight emergency contacts on your device and those can be anyone who would get your back when things go wrong.  The Silent Beacon Device adds an extra layer of protection in case they are unable to get to their phone in time.

Silent Beacon Can Help During Child Emergencies

Child emergencies can be traumatic. But with the Silent Beacon Family Device, your child can alert you during accidents and as a concerned parent you would be there to provide help. The Silent Beacon technology allows the user to instantly locate family members or friends at the touch of a button. The GPS-enabled device also provides emergency responders information on the user’s location so that reaching the victim is easy.

Provide Silent Beacon Device for Your Children

You may not be able to be with your children every moment of the day. But you can fit them with a device that alerts you if they get into trouble. Call our helpline today and one of our marketing team members will be available 24/7 to take your orders and provide further information and guidance on the personal emergency response systems that are just right for you.