The major purpose of all businesses is to increase their profit & grow business in large. Modern technology is proving really good for the hotel business. Software such as hotel front desk check-in software is helping to make things easier for hotel front desk management in handling their guests & many other activities inside the hotel premise.

The most up-to-date developments in technology are redefining today’s hospitality industry. The competition in the industry is intense & hoteliers are exploring new & creative ways of boosting their guest experience that in turn bring customer loyalty & occupancy rates. Visitors are becoming more tech-savvy and expect instant results from a few clicks that are necessary to make a quick booking and quick checkout. Here is why it comes as no surprise that the hotel front desk automation is the next big thing in the industry –

  • Queues at Reception Desk is the Thing of Past

Waiting in the queue at reception or at the entrance is a major question mark in the ideal beginning of your holiday. It is clear that everybody likes to skip this boring part of their stay. Well, the hotel front desk sign-in app will help guests reduce that wait time. Their check-in becomes hassle-free & quick. Using the intuitive interface of the front desk app, you can rapidly complete check-in & get the issued room key card. The front desk check-in software not only speeds up the check-in of guests but also personalizes & simplifies the whole procedure.

  • Boost Revenue

More & more visitors want to use self-service front desk management software due to certain benefits that come along with it. Reception management software is suitable for making inquiries about facilities, various extra services like special promotions, room upgrades, & many other hotel products. This is how hotel businesses can use front desk software to promote upgrades & upsell extra services which considerably improve their bottom line.

  • Prevent Errors

With front desk check in software, there are no more misspelled guest names and wrongly allocated rooms. With Veris’s receptionist software automated check-in system, hotel management can avoid all such errors and duplicate profiles. Letting your guests themselves type their personal details & preferences as a part of their check-in, reduces the human errors to a minimum. This entered data is directly sent to PMS and further information can effortlessly be retrieved.

  • Enhance Customer Experience & Loyalty

Receptionist Software is responsible to build guest loyalty and reinforce the brand reputation. Front desk check-in software connected to the whole property management system which can take guest engagement to the next level. That is why, the growing number of visitors expect to find the receptionist software at the hotel lobby, so that, they are able to control numerous aspects of their stay such as check-in, payments, extra services, special requests, etc.

  • Reduce Costs

Another benefit of hotel front desk check-in software is the cost reduction. Various routine tasks can be achieved by the reception desk software like self-service check-in, completion of visitor registration cards, and room key card issue. The electronic front desk check-in app is well-integrated with the hotel's property management system. Less manual work and quick check-ins will decrease the dependability on employees. As a result, hotel staff can focus on their other important tasks and matters which require personal attention. And this in turn, significantly improves the guest experience.

Hotel facilities face many challenges. Installing the reception sign-in software at the front desk ensures a pleasant visitor experience and you can win a repeat customer for life. Thus, select the visitor management system by Veris which is customized to suit your requirements.