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What is ESTA?

ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) is an automatic system that determines the eligibility of visitors to travel to the United States. Only travelers from countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program can use this system

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A citizen of a country benefiting from the visa waiver program, and even at a very young age, must have an eTA application to travel to the UNITED STATES. To apply for ESTA on www.esta-officielle.com, you just have to follow these different steps:

The ESTA is an electronic authorization allowing, for 2 years, their beneficiaries to be able to travel to the United States for stays of 3 months maximum. Thanks to a simple and online procedure, ESTA avoids the difficulties of obtaining a visa. However, this document restricts the authorization to short leisure trips. Its use is therefore limited to certain cases, the Visa remaining essential for longer stays, whether for tourism or for work.






What is ESTA and who can benefit from it?

ESTA is the acronym for  “ Electronic System for Travel Authorization”. You can apply for a travel authorization to the United States online by completing a form with a valid electronic or biometric passport. This authorization, which costs $ 14, allows you to travel for short stays over a period of 2 years in the United States.


Access to ESTA is conditional. Only certain countries, 38 in total , are eligible to get it. These countries are signatories of the Visa Waiver Program or VWP.  It is mainly the countries of Western and Northern Europe that benefit from this eligibility as well as Japan and New Zealand.


ESTA, for leisure trips in the United States of up to 90 days

If you have a passport from one of the eligible countries and want to travel for pleasure in the United States, the ESTA is ideal . Indeed, unlike the Visa which allowed a single entry into the territory, the ESTA allows you for a period of 2 years to be able to make several trips to the United States . You can thus enter the United States several times as long as you respect the maximum length of stay of 90 days (ie 3 months) in the country.


The choice of ESTA for a simplified procedure

The ESTA, by filling out such a simple form, allows you to avoid the administrative burdens that often accompany visa applications. This allows you to avoid long hours of waiting at the embassy and the many paperwork to be completed for certain tourist or business visa applications. In addition, ESTA benefits from a relatively quick response time (72 hours working days) compared to a traditional visa. This period allows the US immigration authorities to verify your various information. Obtaining the ESTA also allows better traceability of entries into the United States.


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