The Permanent residency in Canada is a status of conferring someone who is not a Canadian citizen with the right to live and work in Canada without any time limit on their stay. This can be achieved with any of the most well-established Canadian Immigration Consultants in Vancouver.

However, a person like a student or foreign worker cannot be a permanent resident. If you wanna know more about the status of Canadian permanent resident and how to be a successful Canadian PR, continue reading.

Major Status Of An Canadian Permanent Resident:

When a person becomes a verified Canadian PR by the best Immigration consultants in Vancouver like, they can avail the following benefits;

  1. Pursuant to the provisions of Canada's constitutional laws.
  2. The holder of a Canadian permanent resident visa.
  3. His/Her accompanying dependants are permitted to permanently reside in Canada.
  4. Can earn a livelihood in any one of the ten provinces or three territories within Canada.
  5. You can get more social benefits - For example Access to Medicare(Canada’s government healthcare program), Live, study, or work in Canada (so long as you meet the requirements of the province or territory you choose to live in).

How To Become Successful Canadian PR & Get All the Status Canadian Permanent Resident with Novus Immigration Canadian Immigration Consultants in Vancouver?

No Consultant can Guarantee the success of our application of PR, If they do, they are lying and stay away from them.

Novus immigration, is a full-service Vancouver registered immigration consultant firm, assessing the best possible way for our client to immigrate to Canada.

Instead of focusing only on related Canada immigration process, we strive to assist you with every application process and overcoming difficulties for the easier immigration process. Being the best Immigration consultancies in Vancouver for Canada, who grants appropriate assistance to you while immigrating in the quick process. We also help you gain citizenship as well as a permanent residency in Canada.


⦁ You get certified and verified visa process: When you apply for the Canada immigration process, there are stages where you will need verification help. Sound immigration advice will be required before the visa lodgement.

⦁ Hiring a regulated Canadian immigration consultant for visa services will help you seek a certified help in claiming your verification and proceed smoothly with the immigration process.

⦁ Services are trusted and true to the fullest: As regulated immigration consultants are directly associated with the immigration law, there is no chance of fraud or scam in their services.

⦁ The process is in safe hands: As regulated Canadian immigration consultants in Vancouver are well-aware of what causes an application to get rejected, their assistance will help you experience a safe visa process.

⦁ Regular suggestions and updates on the process: Regulated Canadian immigration consultants in Vancouver or agents who work with independent IRCC consultants are well-versed with every recent immigration news. You will be able to receive instant updates or suggestions about your visa process.

⦁ No hidden costs to be incurred later: One of the most prevailing scams in any industry is hidden costs. Having a regulated immigration consultant in Canada (ICCRC) by your side will help you immigrate to Canada, understand the overall costs of the process, chances of success for your visa before you initiate the process, and keep you away from the hidden cost.

Visa Services Offered at NovusImmigration:

We are there to help you find the right PR visa. Just enquire here. We would also suggest any of the permits according to your documents & Qualifications. As a Certified Canada immigration agency Vancouver, Our Renowned Service includes:

⦁ Express Entry Program

⦁ Provincial Nominee Program

⦁ Skilled worker permit

⦁ Parent grandparent visa

⦁ Temporary Resident Visa

⦁ Permanent Resident Visa, Tourist visa, Visitor visa, Student visa, Work permit, and more.

Conclusion :

The most important thing to consider when conferring your residency status in Canada for income tax purposes is whether or not you maintain, or you establish, residential ties with Canada. Other Significant residential ties to Canada include a home in Canada, a spouse or common-law partner in Canada. Not only this, but a lot more status awaits you when you are looking to becomes Canadian PR from reputed and trusted Immigration consultants in Vancouver.

If you wanna know more about Canadian Immigration consultants in Vancouver or any related PR process details, please feel free to reach us at or Call to Discuss. We are happy to respond to you. Happy Canadian PR!

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