The educational hubbub of the nation, Kathmandu is home to the maximum number of colleges and other educational institutions compared to any other cities in the country. Kathmandu offers every kind of course of study and colleges a student looks for. From Fine Arts colleges to IT colleges, from government university-affiliated colleges to globally recognized colleges, you name it and the city serves you.

In spite of all these choices to choose the best out from the jungle of colleges, one can get lost and may fail to find the right place to pursue their higher education they dreamt of. As said, the city can get really tough if you are not focused, informed, and don’t know where to look for the right thing you are looking for.

Information Technology is taking the world in a swipe. No offices or any organization can function without the assistance of the information technology department. The study of this global phenomenon is definitely attracting a massive number of students every year. Every year the nation produces a huge number of IT-trained students from different colleges across the country and the interest in students seems no stopping any time soon.

So in order to provide massive students with the IT course at the graduate and postgraduate level, the number of colleges has been opened with an aim of providing quality education. The amount of colleges established to meet the demand is colossal that it can put students in dilemma.