Presently the approximate users of Magento is above 3 million, this very easily makes it the most popular eCommerce platform in the industry. Now, it is not so easy to provide different themes to all these users and this is very well understood by the Magento development team and that is the reason Magento supports PSD conversion process.
PSD to Magento conversion is the simplest process if any customer requires completely custom made theme for the eCommerce website. This process has now become very popular among the customers and developers as it gives them wings to spread with creativity.
Requirements and Expectations
Today PSD to magento has become very common practice among the developers because it is the best viable option to satisfy customers with unique business ideas and requirements. Let us discus about the requirements of the process and the outcome.
Break Up PSD Files
The original Photoshop file, which is known as PSD file should be ready and then cut down as per different pages like different image for home page, different for about us page, different for contact us page and like that. 
Breaking or slicing PSD files is very important job and should be done by the experienced professionals with complete concentration. Now, these images will be converted as themes for your online store.
You need to keep all the images ready with you like logo, product images and other images. Having images ready at one place will ensure smooth conversion process and excellent outcome.
Development Environment
You cannot start working on developing Magento theme without having the right development environment, the system should have PHP development language and database management system, which you are planning to use for the development of themes.
Knowledge of HTML
It is really important for the person planning to work on conversion process to have good knowledge about HTML coding, CSS, and PHP. For the implementation part, the person should have good knowledge about Magento platforms and the complete directory structure of the platform.
It may not be possible for a normal person trying the conversion for the first to accomplish this task so easy. So, it is always better to hire the best company providing PSD to Magento conversion services to get the desired results.
Few Things to Remember for PSD conversion
  • You are completely free to design the page as per your custom requirement, but you should always remember that both HTML and CSS code should be W3C compliant, or else the platform will not accept it.
  • You should always remember that your HTML codes will decide the performance of the website in search engine results. So, use proper HTML tags thinking about SEO functionalities.
  • Whenever you are using HTML and CSS codes, you need to keep in mind that different users would be using different browsers around the globe to access your website. SO, use the codes that are supported equally by all the browsers.
  • The loading time of the theme should be as less as possible or else it can slow down the website.