In 2010, the founding of Solid Green turned this dream into a business reality. A family owned business, based that works with a team of builders and installers here to turn your visions into tangible structures. Solid Green have 10 years of professional experience in the industry and can provide comprehensive technical solutions and highly competitive cost-effective products and construction services. Solid Green offers top-notch and economic landscape services in los angeles ca. With our expertise and experience in as one of the best landscaping companies in California, we have offer comprehensive support when it comes to landscaping with customized packages and offerings adept for our clients

Our Strength

We have a group of architecture, landscape, and garden design experts with many years of experience, and are equipped with various professional designers of structure, water and electricity, greening, etc., relying on a solid professional background and professionalism, regardless of the size of the project, they are meticulous, responsible, Treat with a down-to-earth attitude.Committed to creating a living environment in which man and nature are harmoniously developed, with a healthy, ecological and green design concept, paying attention to the cultural background and connotation of each project, and in-depth research on people's psychological experience and feelings of the environment, Systematic analysis and positioning. In every design stage and every detail of the plan, it embodies the organic combination of humanity and technology, aesthetics and science, and extracts a unique deep culture and high-quality realm.