In the digital era, PayPal is the most popular mobile wallet in use. With a PayPal account, you can buy and sell commodities online without panic about the safety of your personal information. If you own a business, you can also use PayPal as a PayPal merchant account, though it is particularly unique from most other merchant accounts.

About Merchant Accounts

A merchant account permits you to deal with Visa and debit card payments. Merchant accounts may be accessible from banks, such as Chase, or you can acquire one through an outsider company that focuses solely on processing electronic payments for businesses. Depending on the type of merchant account you choose, you can process payments face to face, on the web, via telephone, or via mail. Some merchant accounts may permit more than one type of processing.

About PayPal Business Accounts

PayPal's business accounts permit merchants to deal with payments on the web, face to face, by telephone, by fax, and via mail. You can deal with online payments utilizing PayPal's interface, which can be connected to your company's site. You can handle telephone, fax, and mail payments by entering the details into your PC. Finally, you can process in-person payments by entering the details into your computer or by using one of PayPal's card swipes. Card swipes are accessible for your PC or cell phone.


Huge numbers of the services PayPal account offers are similar to typical merchant accounts, but not every merchant account permits you to deal with payments both in-person and online. PayPal likewise offers question goal help, which isn't accessible from numerous other merchant accounts, and it offers help for business owners who are dealing with chargebacks. Finally, At long last, PayPal offers non-merchant accounts that people can use to send or get payments online.


PayPal's basic account doesn't cost a monthly fee and charges a lower transaction fee than most other merchant accounts. However, this account only permits you to refer customers to PayPal from your site and accept credit cards on your mobile phone. It doesn't permit you to deal with PayPal on your site or accept payment via phone, fax, or mail. To get full information about paypal merchant account fees, visit 5 Star Processing website.

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