North America Coaxial Cable Market size is anticipated to generate USD 3,482.3 Million until 2020. These cables are manufactured by surrounding insulated layer and wire shield or extruded tube of metal on copper wire and are finally coated with a protective layer. The usage of metal tubes in manufacturing such cables is restricted due to its property of rigidity. The connectors for such cables were designed for specific radio frequencies. Thus, such cables are being used for transferring of internet, video data, and radiofrequency. Such cables are also named as coax and are being used by several television companies for broadcasting signals and also by the customers for receiving those signals on antennas.

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The key driving factors responsible for the growth of North America Coaxial Cable market :

The market for coaxial cables is expected to get restrained due to rising number of manufacturers across the region coupled with surging prices of raw materials. However, the issue related to DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) and the need for improving rural distribution network is expected to create an opportunity for the market growth for such cables in the upcoming years.

The shorter types of cables are being used for radio systems and for connecting the video equipment at home. They are also used for Ethernets due to their lower prices and good support from 10 Mbps to 100Mbps. Moreover, increased spending on IT and telecom sectors across North America, technological advancements, and low installation costs are expected to fuel up the market demand in the upcoming years. These cables were previously used for LAN, but now they have been replaced by optical fiber across the globe due to fewer chances of breakage due to twisting.

Application Insights

The application segment for coaxial cables can be further classified as radio frequency transfer, internet data transfer, and video distribution. The segment of video distribution is expected to register highest growth with a CAGR of 7.3% across the market in the upcoming years. It is also expected to continue its dominance over the forecasted period owing to rising popularity of services like video on demand (VOD), and over the top (OTT). On the other hand, remaining segments like radiofrequency transfer and internet data transfer are also expected to gain significant growth in the upcoming years.

End-Use Insights

The internet service providers (ISP) end-use segment held the largest share across the regional market in 2013. This growth can be attributed to rising demand for the internet across this region. Moreover, surging number of ISPs and IPTV is expected to fuel up the market growth during the forecasted years, 2014 to 2020. Other segments like system integrators, construction industry, CATV companies, and military and aerospace are also expected to gain significant growth in the upcoming years.

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