Today the workforce is jam-packed – with a plethora of unskilled fresh graduates and outdated professionals. Businesses across the world are realizing that “Change is the only constant” and who choose to embrace the changes will stay at the top of the game.

Skilling can revamp the workforce by helping the global economies to translate the set objective and Certifications are a great way to legitimize those skills.

How can Certification jumpstart your Career?
How can Certification jumpstart your Career?

Growing in the Job through Certifications

It is the time to act upon, instead of sitting back and seeing your position in the organization get shaken up by new advancements. Considering this and foreseeing the fast development, more employees – especially in the technological arena, are opting for acquiring different skills to suit emerging job roles. IT certification for career development has become a necessity for professionals today. According to statistics, 74% of the professionals are all prepped up to grasp new skills or re-train themselves to stay employable.

Certifications leave recognizable impact on salary part too. 95% percent of IT decision-makers Salary in the IT skills and Salary Report admit that IT certifications add immense value to an organization. And over 50% of those decision-makers predict that the salaries of certified employees with additional skills exceed $10,000 per year.

As of 2019, 66% of IT professionals globally are already obtaining their next certification or planning to. And this makes the competition pretty high indeed.

David (Dawid) Wiacek, a well-known Certified Professional Career Coach once quoted rightly– “There is nothing more powerful than showing the world (and reminding yourself) that you are a champion of lifelong professional self-development. Keep on learning, keep on growing – it’s the only way to stay relevant in a highly evolving, topsy-turvy world.”

Certifications enabling easy switch Careers

Adding 12 million people to its workforce every year, standing out is not a cake walk for the professionals in the Indian job market. Working professionals, especially those in IT sector need to constantly look for ways that can help in upgrading their career ladder – whether by taking up challenging job responsibilities or by changing their career routes, which can be possible by earning valuable and top IT certifications.

With the launch of LinkedIn’s new Career Pathways survey, it is stated that 44.91% millennials demonstrated the highest chance of changing the organization in tune with determining for a career change, 34.19% of Gen Z (22 years and below) are considering to switch the job functions and a career change, confirming switching careers is no more a threat now.

On the other side, the professionals who are in the mid-senior level or C-level are also not staying behind and actively contemplating on changing their careers. Having said that, Deloitte in its Human Capital trends study 2019 found almost 65% respondents say“ it’s easier to find a job outside the company than to find one inside” and a study by revealed that a whopping 58% of managers expressed they didn’t receive any management training.

In that case, appropriate certifications for career change from certified trainers and a leading training provider can bring a drastic difference in the resumes of the working professionals, providing them the expertise, skills and qualities required for succeeding in their new career.

For instance, if you are a software engineer and wishing to divert to Blockchain career or tableau career path and more, Certifications will lead you towards your goals.

Certifications over Degrees

On earning a certification, you can expect an annual salary boost of anywhere from 13% to 25%.

  • In an era, when time is considered as money, you should think twice before investing your precious time and getting into a long-term course. When short-term certifications can add the same credentials that you earn after devoting two years in academics, what’s the point to settle for degrees?
  • Reduced investment, increased return and fast track increment is what Certifications guarantee compared to degrees.

Automation and digitization are taking place in a rapid manner. And if today the professionals and graduates do not take the call to certify their skills by taking up IT courses, soon they will get lost in the already over-crowded job space.