In a very short period, Genshin Impact has earned a massive reputation among the players. They have earned a remarkable number of players and received positive responses from all around the world. Developers have done an excellent job of adding a huge variety of characters, abilities, weapons, and hidden rewards. The great thing about Genshin Impact is that players can play it on their smartphones as well.



To unlock characters and weapons, players have to pass the levels. Genshin Impact’s beginning levels can create problems, but after understanding the basics, players can easily move forward. While plenty of characters are available in Genshin Impact, they all possess different abilities and strengths. 5 Star characters are the strongest in all but obtaining them is nowhere easy. Some of the players are curious to obtain weapons and 5-star characters, but without a correct guide, it’s very difficult.

Similar to the Gacha games, players have to make wishes to obtain characters and weapons. Usually, the wishes offer 3-star characters and weapons, and getting 5-star weapons and characters is rare.

Players who are looking to acquire 5-star weapons and characters should look at the mentioned drop rates that the game mentions in every event. Whatever the event guides, players should look into the exact conditions. While it’s mentioned by the game that the 5-star weapons and characters are rare and a few lucky players can have the chance to obtain it. However, this doesn’t mean players can’t get rare weapons and characters.

For the beginners, the only way to obtain the weapons and characters is to make wishes through the Gacha system. Players should invest in Intertwined Fates and Acquaint to get the specific character or weapon to play. However, this process doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get a 5-star character or weapon, but it increases the chances. Currently, the Ballad in the Goblets event is live, it is the best time to get a specific character.

During the following event, the chances of obtaining a 5-star reward are 0.6%. In the Ballad in Goblets event, no 5-star weapon is available, so apparently, players will get the 5-star character. In this situation, luck matters the most. The chances of obtaining a 4-star reward are 5.1% while obtaining a 3-star reward is 94.3%. To obtain the 5-star reward, players have to qualify for 0.6%.

To those players who don’t prefer to spend money on wishes, they should accept the fact that their chances of obtaining the 5-star reward are lowest. Players who are devoted to the game and ready to spend money on wishes, they can get multiple 4-star rewards and a few 5-star rewards as well.


The concept of obtaining items, characters, and weapons in Genshin Impact is different from many games. However, players are admiring the experience they’re getting from the game.

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