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What Is C Programming?

C is a computer programming language. It is a high-level and structure-oriented programming language. C was developed at Bell Laboratories in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie. It is a very powerful and widely used language. C programming is used in many scientific programming, operating systems like Windows, UNIX and etc. It is also used in program assembling and language interpreting. C language is easy to use and most reliable because it can directly communicate with hardware devices and execute programs very quickly.

For the programming in C language, there are a number of operators used for different executions in a program. And these operators are categorized into three parts such as unary operators, Binary operators, and Ternary operators.

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Why Is C Programming Important?

The Programs written in C language are efficient due to a variety of data types and powerful operators.

C Programming Language contains 32 keywords each with different meanings. It has several standard functions that can be used for developing the program.

C Programming language is a system programming language, so it was mainly developed to run an operating system.

C is a portable language, it means C programs written for one computer system, and we can be run on another system.

It is well suited for a structured programming language. It requires the user to think of problems regarding function or modules. These modules make a program debugging and testing easier.

The most important feature of C Programming Language is we can also create our functions and add it to the C library. It is a collection of services that are supported by C library.

Why Do We Use C Programming Language?

C Programming Language is one of the most commonly used and recommended languages of many programmers.

It allows you direct control over the very low-level aspects of the computer. Many legacy programs are also written in C Programming.

C language is used for making games because most games and underlying robot control software are written in C. With the knowledge of C, students will not only be able to play games and robots but also understand their underlying working principles and potentially develop their games and robots.

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