Are you considering going for dental implants? Not, sure whether it’s the right choice for you/ in this article, reputable San Diego dentist will debunk the myths about dental implants that prevent patients from undergoing the treatment.

Painful, scary and just for grandma and grandpa? No, dental implants are for everyone as long as they are healthy overall and their gums and bones are in good shape. Strong and stable, dental implants are the metal screws or post that your dentist places in the jawbone beneath the gums. Implants play an essential role in correcting smile and are used to replace one tooth or a mouthful of teeth. Despite of the benefits of dental implants there are many myths that prevent people from enjoying these benefits. So, without any further delay let’s talk about these myths and find the hidden truth.

Implants don’t last for long:  This is not true. Every patient is different and there are no guarantees. However implants can last a life time if they are properly maintained.  Proper maintenance includes brushing, flossing and seeing a dentist regularly the same way when you have natural teeth. The reason why implants last for long is that they are sealed under a crown.

Implants are noticeable: Many people say implants don’t look natural? people say in dental implanst metal base is visible near the gum line.