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Types of Communication

Communication can be categorized into various types. Some of the fundamental types are described below :

  • Verbal - The verbal communication is such a type of communication which conveys the expressions and emotions of a person verbally i.e. through words using a language. The verbal type of communication lets the people exchange their views, thoughts or ideas more vividly and more effectively. It is always easier to make a person understand what we intend to convey is through the verbal form of communication. However, verbal communication can take place through various modes like face to face conversations, using the telephone, listening to a song, watching a movie and many more. The basic function that a language plays is a description; in the descriptive function an incident, event, the characteristics of a person, etc. is described, Expression; in the expressive function one’s views, ideas, thoughts, opinions, etc. are expressed, Societal; the social function includes requesting people, instructing people, guiding people, apologizing to the people, etc.
  • Non-Verbal - The non-verbal communication is the communication done without using words or the conveyance of messages using a medium other than words. The non-verbal communication can be done using modes such as facial expressions, touch, gestures, body language, tone of voice, behavior and even the bodily distance between two people or more. Non-Verbal communication has an effect on verbal communication, for instance, a good speaker uses his/her body language and gestures to make their audience understand their point of views.
  • Written - The written communication is the mode of conveying a message through a written form. The written form of communication also comes under the non-verbal communication. It is very useful in our daily life, as we use it as a means of not only communication but any official work through messages, emails, internet websites, proposals, letters, applications and many more.

How Important is Communication Development?

The moment we are born we start to communicate. Since communication is one of the most important elements of living a healthy and active life, communication development is a mandatory aspect. Whatever we do and wherever we go, our communication is always going to help us improve and flourish not only in our professional life but personal life as well. Sharing and expressing our thoughts, views, ideas, experiences, and feelings let us ease our agonies and miseries. Communication contributes to our mental well-being as well because a person who does not communicate much often goes into isolation which leads to severe issues like depression, loneliness and many more. Communication although, in today’s world has taken a different form through social media. Social media is considered as the most useful and convenient tool for connecting and communicating with people and also sharing our opinions and views. The online committees of social media have the voice that is considered the most strong and influential, therefore, it is a great platform for leading a large number of people to believe or disbelieve in a particular practice or activity. But, apart from being a great medium of communication, social media has led to a sudden decrease in the verbal form of communication. People have opted to message their concern rather than seeing each other. It has also played an important role in catering to so many crimes namely the cyber-crimes. Social media has been chosen by not only the younger people but the older people as well.

How to Develop Communication?

Since the application of communication is the most vital element that helps in creating and upholding our skills of putting forward our views, it is important to work on communication development and enhance it. To be a good communicator it is essential to be a good listener, in the beginning, listening to some good public speakers also helps in boosting our own speaking skills. Making eye-contact while speaking is also a trait of a confident speaker. Communication is an aspect which is required through-out our lives, from reading out a poem to the teacher to giving an interview for a job, we need it everywhere. Hence, working on it is very necessary. A majority of the student population is interested in making a career in the media and hence, they opt for courses in communication. Since they need to work on many other subjects along with communication, they are heaped with assignments and homework. We work to get the students the best possible help with Communication Assignment and homework help so that they can get some hours of relief.

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