The latest iPhones may have new hardware but it is still a delicate piece of equipment. The touch screen can be damaged on impact or it may perform erratically if it is exposed to excessive moisture. The toughest glass of the smart phone is not scratchproof. It shields the screen inside from hard metal objects but there are no screen guarantees in case of water dunking!

The screen is responsible for guarding the internal parts of the iPhone and that is the reason why tough and party scratch resistant material is used to make the screen. But the fact is that the screen is not totally damage proof! The screen can develop scratches and marks and its working can be affected if it retains any kind of damage.

 A scratchy and “pock-marked” screen definitely does not look attractive; it also affects the visibility drastically. Struggling to understand what is written on the screen is no fun. In this case it is better to go for iPhone X screen replacement.  A brand new screen improves visibility and touch screen activity greatly.

Electronic items do not respond well to water. Do you expect your precious iPhone X to turn on if it falls into the swimming pool or toilet pot? The only way to see this is to turn on the system and see the screen responds. What if it doesn’t? What if the touch sensitivity of the touch screen gets distorted totally? iPhone X screen replacement is the answer to this!

To avoid a replacement, it’s better to make sure there is no accidental water tumble. The recovery of the gadget falls costly so try to avoid the circumstances that lead up to the accident. But if the incident takes place, take action right away! The phone can get saturated by water and its best to avoid the phone from being submerged in the liquid. Remove it instantly and take it to a repair shop so that it can be rectified.

Basic phone-first-aid at home:

  1. you need to take the phone out of its case
  2. Take an absorbent cloth and delicately soak the extra water you can see
  3. Shake and tap phone lightly the hidden water droplets will escape and you can pat cloth lightly all over the components to dry out as much as possible
  4. Shake the phone and use a hair dryer to shower cool heat on the internal components of the phone.
  5. Many times silica packets can also absorb moisture from the insides.
  6. The phone needs to be kept turned off during the drying process or the electrical system of the iPhone X may get ruined.

Instead of stacking the phone inside a rice bag and let it dry out, it’s better to take your expensive gadget to a skilled professional for repair or replacement. It’s the exposure time to water that effects the saturation level of the gadget. Instant action can save the screen from permanent damage. Fast and immediate action will save the internal components from harm.