Blockchain technology has exerted a prominent influence on different enterprises and daily lives of people. The adoption of blockchain across financial and healthcare sectors is a clear sign of its potential to change the way we perceived technology. Therefore, the demand for professionals with blockchain expertise continues to increase everyday with new, emerging opportunities for career development.

A blockchain certification is considered as the most helpful tool to help an aspiring professional start their blockchain career. How? It provides a tangible or documented proof of an individual’s skills, knowledge and abilities regarding the fundamentals of blockchain technology or any crucial blockchain specialization such as security or enterprise blockchain implementation. The following discussion outlines the top blockchain certifications all over the world that can help you showcase your blockchain expertise.

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP) Certification: 101Blockchains

The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional or CEBP certification is the best blockchain certification for aspiring enterprise blockchain practitioners. A certification is a great tool for senior leadership and decision-makers, blockchain solution developers, technology advisors and blockchain entrepreneurs. CEBP-certified candidates can prove their capabilities in understanding the core concepts related to blockchain and the ecosystem.

At the same time, the CEBP certification also proves the fluency of candidates in best practices for approaching blockchain implementation. Most important of all, the CEBP certification helps candidates in validating their expertise for leveraging updated actionable tools for driving blockchain transformation.

The notable topic areas covered in the CEBP certification include blockchain technology fundamentals and enterprise blockchain platforms. The certification also emphasizes on implementation of blockchain in trade finance along with the applications of blockchain. Candidates for the CEBP certification also have to prove their comprehensive understanding of different blockchain use cases.

Blockchain Certification: The State University of New York

The next important blockchain technology certification that can boost your career is the Blockchain Certification by the State University of New York. Apart from the credibility of a popular educational institution, this certification assures building the specialization of aspirants. The certification improves the blockchain specialization of candidates through four different courses.

Learners could prove their hands-on expertise in blockchain, especially in the implementation of Ethereum blockchain. The other aspects of blockchain technology covered in this specialization certification program include decentralized apps, smart contracts and solidity. Candidates with intermediate-level expertise in blockchain technology and fluency in at least one high-level programming language are suitable for this certification.

Certified Blockchain Business Foundations: Blockchain Training Alliance

Another notable mention among top blockchain certifications refers to the Certified Blockchain Business Foundations by the Blockchain Training Alliance. This certification provides a credible approach for showcasing your knowledge and expertise in the blockchain space. The exam tests candidates in four different areas about fundamental aspects of blockchain technology. First of all, candidates have to showcase their general blockchain knowledge.

Then, the certification exam tests the knowledge of candidates about potential drivers for the use of blockchain. Subsequently, candidates should also validate their knowledge and understanding of the working of blockchain technology and its implementation for business. As a globally recognized certification, the BTA Certified Blockchain Business Foundations certificate can open up access to various entry-level blockchain jobs for qualified candidates.

Certified Blockchain Expert: Blockchain Council

The Certified Blockchain Expert or CBE certification by Blockchain Council is also one of the highly recognized blockchain certifications worldwide. The blockchain certification course with CBE certification is a unique approach to help out candidates. The exhaustive training tailored for the certification provides unique advantages for improving hands-on knowledge regarding blockchain technology comprehensively.

The CBE certification proves the comprehensive understanding of candidates about blockchain technology. Most important of all, it proves the expertise of qualified candidates in development of blockchain-powered applications for enterprises. The important topics covered in the certification include blockchain fundamentals, the blockchain ecosystem and blockchain mining.

Furthermore, the exam also focuses on the aspects of security and privacy in blockchain alongside methods for developing your blockchain solutions. Candidates should also prove their knowledge of blockchain use cases in different industries for qualifying the CBE certification by Blockchain Council.

Are You Ready to Get Blockchain Certified?

On a concluding note, it is evident that a blockchain certification can be your gateway into the lucrative careers in blockchain landscape. However, it is also important for candidates to look at the comprehensiveness and variety of topics covered in the certifications. Therefore, candidates have to rely on the best practices for establishing their foundations to prepare for blockchain certifications.

The support of qualified instructors with the availability of interactive training courses can serve as crucial elements for enhancing your chances of success. So, training-oriented blockchain certifications can be the ideal pick, especially for beginners. Choose your certification and start preparing now for bright career prospects in blockchain!