So, you are planning to start a business venture.


Thinking about startup marketing? Think also about hiring a digital marketing agency for startups. (joke)

Without marketing, your startup won’t be possible.

It is just like a baby’s birth.

Think about it; why does a baby cry at birth? Because it wants to hit the bong of his arrival.

And as the ba grows up, it hones other aspects that make him different from others.

Given that all the babies are cute, what makes them different is how their parents show their features.

This pertains to dressing and training. The better they dress and behave, the chances of everybody liking them, cuddling with them, playing with them increases.

Now, take your startup as a baby and think of marketing from this direction.

  • How to market a startup?

How do you approach it? What should you and should not do? How to create a product-fit marketing strategy?

The CPC, CTR, growth hacking, launch, marketing tools, viral marketing, acquiring customers, and whatnot. This guide is not about the book definition of these terms and how to implement them.

Instead, we are going to take another route in marketing for startups.

The successful way for how to market your new startup.

Four success factors are critical to a startup:

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Innovation
  3. Technology
  4. Economics

Marketing a startup must comprise the elements of the four factors.

  • Marketing Statistics

Campaign Monitor’s survey on startup marketing cites:

  • 56.9% of the startups have a marketing team working specifically for this purpose.
  • 20.8% of the startups have a one-person team working for digital marketing.
  • 15.3% of the startup founders start learning how to market a startup and work with it.
  • 4.8 and 2.2% of the founders rely on agencies and freelancers, respectively, for their marketing.

Notice something peculiar?

None of the respondents said ’No’ or answered in “they do not know” how to market a startup business.

Just as any first-time parent would do.

If they don’t know to parent, they learn as they go. But they cannot abandon or miss caring for the baby.

That is exactly what your startup is for you. And during the initial stages, it is very fragile, sensitive, and responds selectively.

Ergo, tread carefully.

Don’t take too hasty steps in the wake of showing off.

You might have loads of money to back you up, but funneling it in the wrong bottle will only benefit the competition and not you.

Marketing for a startup is essential, period. How to effectively market a startup, is the real question that we will address here today.

Shall we begin?

What is ICP?

Ok, let’s continue with our baby example.

You won’t share the same things about your baby with a friend, as you will share with your mother. Isn’t it?

Your mom gets to know the uncut and uncensored version of your baby’s daily adventures.

And your friends or colleagues will most probably get the same information but with some furnishing.

So, you have one story, different people, and respective versions.

That is precisely what ICP is.

You share your startup solution with different audiences, but you must know how and what to speak to them before that.

That is the core of ICP in marketing for your startup.

Expanded as Ideal Customer Profile represents an in-depth outline of your ideal customers.

These detailed insights help choose the right marketing tactics and strategies for the individual cohort of the target audiences.

ICP is the core of marketing for startups. It gives the first step to answering how to market your startup proactively.

This is because ICP accounts for the firmographic, environmental, and behavioral aspects of the customers.

Don’t know what it means? Don’t worry!

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