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How to get an Austrian VAT number

How to get an Austrian VAT ID

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VAT Registration - Get national and international consulting services to get an Austrian tax ID number. We are experts in Austrian and International tax law and give you clear advice that How to get an Austrian VAT ID.


We are personal and committed - nationally and internationally!



Non-commercial activities are not restricted. The growing together of the European economy, of exports and imports, the strong growth of foreign investments, but also of deliveries or medium-sized and small businesses, taxes and EU law, EU law and all fraudsters.

The question is asked and the following leaf-critical activities can be tracked and all of those activities resolved. What control risks or do you have a tax return? What options are there for control optimization?

We are experts in international tax law and have clear answers to complex questions.

Always with our risky international taxpayers and harmful financial resources such as double taxation, unpaid foreign employment, low cost foreign exchange trading, liability insurance, tax liability.


How to get an Austrian tax number

Our range of services

National tax law

Tax advice

Optimization of the tax burden, tax planning

Foundation and legal form advice

Group taxation


Annual financial statements and business analysis

Financial accounting


Representation before authorities

International tax law

Solving international issues

Application of double taxation treaties and EU law

Tax-optimized structuring of cross-border activities

International reorganizations

International project business advice

Business premises

Withholding tax optimization

Advice on relocation and immigration

Support in mutual agreement and arbitration proceedings

Tax representation to the tax authorities

Sales tax advice I VAT Services

Online inquiry service for foreign companies

Sales tax advice I VAT Services

Solution of national and international sales tax issues


Sales tax check and optimization

Sales tax representation in relation to tax authorities

Sales tax registration in Austria, application for tax number, application for sales tax identification number

Preparation and submission of advance VAT returns, annual returns, and recapitulative statements

Collection of Austrian input taxes

Advice, support and representation vis-à-vis tax authorities, especially for special sales tax audits, sales tax reviews, objection proceedings, requests for information


Sales tax training and workshops

ONLINE inquiry service for foreign companies

Foreign entrepreneurs who do business in Austria or do business with Austrian companies often come into contact with Austrian tax law, EU law and any agreements between the two countries.


We are experts in international tax law and offer you clear answers to your tax questions in relation to your activities in Austria.


Online consultation process:

Send us your request to [email protected] We will estimate the time and cost required for this and inform you by e-mail. Your details will of course be treated confidentially. You then decide whether to place the order or not.


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