Russia is a beautiful country famous for Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral, and many other landmarks. To enter the country, travellers need a Russian tourist visa, which is nowadays easy to obtain. The tourist visa is ideal for people planning a short-term trip to Russia. This type of visa is the cheapest and the easiest visa to get. It allows you to enter the country not only for tourism but also to participate in business negotiations. However, the primary purpose of your visiting the country should be tourism. For more details, let us know what the critical factors regarding tourist visa for Russia are.  

  1. Presenting an invitation letter is mandatory for anyone applying for a Russian visa. For a tourist visa, you will need an invitation letter issued only by a Russian tourist company included in the federal register of tour operators.
  2. Usually, to apply for the visa, you will need a valid passport, application form, passport-sized photograph, credit/debit card, accommodation information, etc.
  3. The validity of tourist visas is up to one month, allowing either a single or double entry and exit. On average, you can obtain the visa ten days and for 100–150 EUR.
  4. In some exceptional cases, you can get a tourist visa extended. For instance, due to severe illness, an extension is possible.
  5. To obtain a visa, you have to pay visa fees, which vary depending on the applicant's citizenship, the number of entries, and processing time.
  6. Visa is valid only in between the exact start and expiry dates. It means you can neither enter the country earlier your visa's starting date nor overstay its validity. Dates of the Russian tourist visa's validity will correspond with the dates mentioned on your tourist confirmation.
  7. You can apply for the visa directly from the Russian embassy or consulate general of the Russian federation or online Russian visa application centre.

A Russian tourist visa is a document permitting to stay in Russia for a specific period. It enlists entry/exit dates, your vital information, passport details, and some information about the inviting party. Here, you should also know that citizens of visa-free countries do not require a visa to enter the Russian Federation. So, before you apply for the visa, check whether the visa-free regime applies to you. 

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