In the realm of digital radiography, the significant development in the diagnostic imaging quickly addresses the dental issues in a patient. Not only is it a great diagnostic tool for uncovering the health of your teeth, bones and mouth. Digital x-rays offer your Dentist in San Diego with better image quality while reducing the radiation exposure you come in contact with.

With digital X-rays, scanning hasn’t been more comfortable than ever before. The information rendered from digital scans helps in preventing severe conditions from developing or advancing by timely and precisely addressing.

Here are some benefits that are offered by digital X-ray:

Less Radiation

Digital dental X-rays allow the Dentist in San Diego to take multiple intra-oral X-rays in minimal time with lesser radiation exposure than conventional radiography. This implies you get a comprehensive treatment plan with up to 85% less radiation exposure.

Simply put, it provides a safer, healthier form of radiography with digital X-rays than the conventional radiography system.

More Accuracy with Improved Image Quality

With Digital X-ray, an image of your mouth is taken by your Dentist in San Diego using a small sensor which can record the image of your teeth and forward it to the computer. Then after, the computer broadcasts a detailed picture of your mouth that can be enhanced, sharpened, colourized, sharpened and or displaying as a negative making it effective diagnoses of dental conditions and concluding the treatment you need.

Digital Storage Capabilities and Progressive Tracking

This advanced technology also comes with an added advantage—it can be easily archived in the digital file of the patient. Since digital storage offers fast access at any given time, you can also witness the progress or changes during your treatment. You are able to witness the progress related to tooth movement, bone growth or loss, fillings, or root canals and even restoration work.