The microwave oven has made life very easier. In a microwave oven there are different types of ovens Solo microwave oven, Grill microwave oven, Convection microwave oven. Do you see something that might be a potential flag with your microwave oven? Make sure that it maybe gets it checked by a representative service.658 Daikin AC repair service center Visakhapatnam While using a microwave oven, Don’t put metal or plastic in the microwave oven, Don’t cook dishes that need a lot of water, Cover the bowl to prevent splatter, Use the defrost settings when you are thawing food. The microwave utilities extremely high voltage if you are attempting to fix any microwave problem it maybe understands that the appliances will be operated with a high voltage capacity. It may be charged even after the microwave oven faults the capacitor must be discharged.