Do you own a .PK Domain? Are you interested in services for .PK Domain privacy? Click here to learn about how WHOIS Privacy Protection works?

Get to know the detailed information on what is WHOIS Privacy Protection? Is it needed? And how it is related to your .PK Domain privacy.

A domain or domain name leads your way in having an online existence on the internet if you are thinking of selling and marketing your business and brand in the online market. This discussion is about .PK Domain privacy, a top-level domain of Pakistan and mostly used by the individuals dealing with the online business.

What is the WHOIS record?

“WHOIS” is a directory that comprises the details of the registered domains. Users and individuals looking forward to buying or registering a domain provide necessary information for this process. Whatever the bio-data and the details are, for instance, the information like name, email address, phone, physical address, etc. are used for Domain Registration. This information that can be used to recognize the domain owners for later purposes is kept in a WHOIS record.

A key point to know here is that this WHOIS record is open to the public. That is, anyone can see this data, for instance, the domain name, technical and financial info of the domain, and particulars of the owner.

Now, if the domain name and its information are kept private, then it is called WHOIS privacy protection.

How .PK Domain privacy WHOIS Privacy Protection works?

Many domain registrars provide privacy services for the domain. But you have to pay supplementary charges for the service. After signing up for the protection service, the domain owner's information is substituted with the name and address of the Web Hosting Company or an unspecified identity.

Do you need it?

An important note to clear is that not all domain owners and website owners sign up for .PK Domain privacy protection. And as far as the query that if it is crucial or not for your domain is concerned. The answer to this query is that it is not necessary. However, you might be wondering that, if it is not crucial, then why you should go for .PK Domain privacy?

How is WHOIS Privacy Protection favourable?

The benefits following WHOIS Privacy Protection are:

  • This protection helps prevent the hijacking of the domain names and ultimately controls the reselling of the domain.
  • Also, the domain gets secured from being used illegally and for fraudulent.
  • The personal particulars of the domain owners and the domain name are kept confidential.
  • It protects your .Pk Domain from cyber-attacks and saves you from spammers and scammers.
  • You can also get to avoid being stalked by your competitors.