Industrial Hemp, generally known as Hemp, is an agricultural product. Industrial Hemp is an annual broad-leaved plant consisting of a taproot which is capable of rapid growth under perfect growing conditions. Industrial Hemp also includes the byproducts of hemp plants and plant parts, examples of byproducts that are considered as Industrial Hemp include hemp flour and hemp seed oil. Industrial Hemp is harvested for use in producing a large number of products, including construction and insulation materials, paper products, fiberglass, textiles, biofuel, nutraceuticals, bio-plastics, etc.

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Industrial Hemp can be grown for food and non-food products without relying on toxic chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Basically, every part of the plant can be put to a worthy use: flowers, stalks, seeds, and oils all have applications. Consumed universally, Indian Cannabis or Industrial Hemp is counted amongst the best grades available at a reasonable price.

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Growing Demand for Hemp Based Food is Driving Market for Industrial Hemp:

Industrial Hemp is an extremely renewable resource. Once harvested, the crop has a high yield of edible proteins and fibers with more than 50,000 product applications. The demand for Industrial Hemp products is increasing by the day, owing to the increasing awareness towards health among the consumers. The growing shift of consumers towards the natural product is a significant driver for the Industrial Hemp global market.


Industrial Hemp has large number of end uses like in paper making, textiles, biodegradable plastics, fuel, construction, and health food. Industrial Hemp can be used as a substitute for many products, like tree paper (which contributes to deforestation), and can be used as raw material in producing other product types such as cosmetics and plastics. Industrial Hemp is produced in many countries around the world. Key producers include China, Canada, and France U.S. is one of the top importers of Industrial Hemp. Furthermore, the demand for healthy lifestyle offers significant opportunities for players active in Industrial Hemp market.

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Global Industrial Hemp Market – Key Players:

  • Bombay Hemp Company
  • E Hemp
  • Industrial Hemp Manufacturing, LLC
  • Hemp Eyewear
  • Badische Naturfaseraufbereitung
  • Blue Sky Hemp Ventures Ltd.
  • Bluebird Botanicals
  • Aliments Trigone Inc.
  • Hanf Farm GmbH
  • HempFlax Group
  • Hempoil Canada
  • Hempoint Ltd.
  • Isolate Extraction Systems Inc.
  • Kannabio Hemp Cooperative
  • Natural Good Medicines
  • UAB Agropro
  • Hempster
  • Livity Foods LLC
  • Mollerup
  • Hemp Food Australia
  • Earth Science Tech