Nowadays, the dream of almost everyone has come true with the help of autotune. If your voice is not good enough and it stops you from achieving your goal of being a singer, autotune may come to your rescue. It has made a significant change in the lives of singers. Just in a natural voice and apply an autotune effect to your vocals. The list below has been prepared to help you pick the best autotune plugins that will help you sound perfect even if you are not good at singing. Autotune has earned numerous accolades for being one of the best vocal effects. Let’s have a look at the best autotune plugins.

Waves OVox

If you are looking for a great autotune plug-in to make your vocals sound incredible, Waves OVox may be good for you. It comes with options to apply EQ to vocals along with the autotune effect. You can change the pitch of vocals according to your preferences. It lets you add a robotic effect to your voice. In order to harmonize your vocals, you can choose the desired scale. Note Mapper lets you make changes to chords and scales. This autotune plug-in is not just limited to this much; there is a lot to discover. The more you say about Waves OVox, the less it is. It has many other effects such as Distortion, Reverb, and Delay. If you are on the hunt for a great autotune plug-in to enhance your vocals, you must try it out.

Antares Auto-Tune Pro

Antares is regarded as the father of autotune effect. Antares introduced the world to this great vocal effect decades ago. It is nowadays used in a number of pop songs all over the world. Antares Auto-Tune Pro comes with some good features. You can apply Modulation to your vocals if you want to add a robotic tone to your vocals. Humanize is a great feature that lets you decrease the intensity of effect so that your voice sounds more natural, like a human’s voice. If you want to edit voice more precisely, you can use a MIDI keyboard for this. You can set a specific key for a particular part of the vocals via the MIDI keyboard. If you are looking for a reliable autotune plug-in in order to enhance your vocals, Antares is really worth paying for. Antares Auto-Tune Pro sells for $399.


Melodyne is an excellent autotune plug-in on the list. What makes it the choice of others is its easy-to-use interface. You can edit notes with the help of this great autotune plug-in and add a melodious tone to your vocals. It comes with all the relevant features that professional sound engineers need. Melodyne lets you change the pitch and harmonize vocals. For accurate tuning, you can edit each note separately. This plug-in does an excellent job of harmonizing vocals. If you are in the search for a good autotune plug-in, you can go for Melodyne.

Logic Pro’s Flex Pitch

Logic Pro’s Flex Pitch is a great autotune plugin that is available on Logic Pro. Similar to all the autotune plug-ins above, it lets you change the pitch, notes, and harmonize vocals. The best thing about Logic Pro’s Flex Pitch is, it displays the note of each part of vocals so that it becomes easy for you to edit vocals. You can adjust other effects as per your choice. It lets you add an electronic feel to your vocals. If you are a Logic user and want a good autotune plug-in, go nowhere but find this stock plug-in on Logic Pro.

The plugins mentioned above will help you improve the monophonic instruments and off-pitch vocals quickly and effectively.

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Source : Best Autotune Plugins to Enhance Your Vocals