1. Application intake

Intake of new permanent residence applications will continue. Files that are incomplete due to unavailable documents will be retained in the systems of IRCC and reviewed in 90 days. New, complete permanent residence applications will be processed as per normal procedures.

If a new application is missing supporting documentation (associated fees are required), the applicant should include an explanation with their application that they are affected by the service disruptions as a result of the novel coronavirus. The application may then be promoted and reviewed in 90 days. If the application is still incomplete in 60 days, officers should request the missing documents with an additional 90-day deadline.

Applications found to be incomplete with no explanation provided, or for reasons unrelated to the disruption of services associated with impacts of the novel coronavirus, may be rejected and all fees associated with the application should be refunded to the applicant. The reason for rejection should be unrelated to the disruption of services.

Offices in the Centralized and Domestic Networks will continue to process permanent residence applications where the principal applicant is in Canada and has overseas dependents. The principal applicant should not be granted permanent residence if their overseas dependents cannot travel.

  1. Approved permanent residence applications (COPR and PRV)

Permanent residence applicants who are in possession of a COPR and PRV can inform IRCC by submitting a Web form that they are unable to travel within the validity of their documentation.

  • Valid COPR and PRV: In an effort to reduce the number of cancelled COPRs and PRVs, a note should be placed in the file explaining that the applicant is unable to travel.A reminder must also be added to the file related to the expiry date of the document. If the applicant informs IRCC that they can travel prior to the COPR and PRV expiration, they are encouraged to use their existing COPR and PRV to land.
  • Expired COPR and PRV: If the applicant informs IRCC via the Web form that they are unable or unwilling to travel after the expiration of their COPR and PRV, or if they are unable or unwilling to travel prior to expiration, officers are to re-open the application, and it should be brought forward for review in 90 days.
  1. Re-opened applications

Once the applicant has informed IRCC via the Web form that they can travel, the application can be reopened for re-approval provided the applicant and their family members, whether accompanying or not, have passed immigration medical examinations, criminal and security checks and have valid passports.

If the 60-day waiting period elapses and the applicant has not informed IRCC that they are able to travel, a note should be placed in the application, and it should be brought forward for review for an additional 60 days.

A U-Shaped Recovery

This is not the first time Canada has faced such extreme situations and have always bounced back successfully by having everything strategically planned out while supporting the people in Canada. Immigration still remains the key driver to improve Canada’s economy. The advice remains the same. Those who are currently eligible for a program that they wish to apply to should apply now, because the future is very uncertain.

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