To enjoy an incredible warm shower is the best option to relax oneself. Standing under direct a magnificent shower head in Singapore is sure to make one experience the rain shower in the bathroom. Moreover, an awesome rain shower can even make you imagine a posh vacation or childish behavior of childhood when everyone would have experienced harsh cold due to excessive playing in a rain shower. Therefore, it is necessary to have the find more read further.

What is a rain shower head?

The rain shower head is the bathroom accessories that need to be mounted on the wall or ceiling. It bigger and mimics the rainfall because people standing directly under the shower could experience the rainfall in the bathroom with warm water. Often, the showerhead is made of shiny chrome or plastic but even in a few cases, it can be made of any other metals.

Consideration before purchasing a good showerhead:

The rain showerhead is a new concept or in simple up-gradation of the normal shower head in Singapore. Therefore, the things that need to travel in the mind before purchasing a rain showerhead are listed below:


The shower is made of better plastic or metal but amongst but metal is a better option. The head is made of metal that is comparably sturdier and durable to enhance its feature and makes it potential to withstand the higher water pressure.  Howsoever, the investment must be made on the better quality rain showerhead.

Level of outgoing water pressure:

The design of the rain showerhead applies to a specific range of water pressure. In the case of warm water, a person makes use of the stored warm water as it is considered as the better option for water pressure. In a few cases like the tankless or instant water heater is integrated with an in-built pump that helps in enhancing the outgoing water pressure to make it feel like rain falling. In case the water pressure is not sufficient then no one can enjoy the benefits of rain showerhead as the consistent flow of water is recommended.

Water consumption:

If your concern is related to over water use and the monthly utility bills then a rain showerhead in Singapore is going to be a great option as it helps to reduce the wastage of water. This type of rain showerhead is available with an option of adjustable water limiting flow restrictor.

Attractive finish:

The showerhead appears attractive with the shiny chrome finish so that you do not hesitate while making a purchase. The rain shower head needs to be of such texture and style that it could easily blend with the bathroom décor. The design and the appearance of the showerhead should be a perfect match for the faucets and fittings applied in the bathroom even if redo the interior or make a replacement of the previous head shower.


Up-gradation needs to be cost-effective as budget plays a significant role in the renovation or while construction. Rain Showerheads are considered as the most high-end solution for the bathroom therefore it cost a little bit higher in proportion in comparison to the normally used showerhead. A little more expensive can result in the most durable showerhead that can be used on daily basis.

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