Forex and crypto trading platform - Bitcoin Revolution is an app for 100% automated trading on cryptos and forex. A.I. based algorithm and easy to use.

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Bitcoin Revolution Q&A

1. How much to deposit on Bitcoin Revolution to start with?
The minimum initial deposit is around €250, but it is recommended that you make an initial deposit of about €500 in order to get started. This will allow Bitcoin Revolution to take several trades at a time. The money you deposit will be used by you and the trading software for your trading activities.

Of course, you can deposit more if you wish. Note that you can withdraw both the money you deposit the profits you generate at any time. There will be no commissions or fees to be deducted, as the Bitcoin Revolution app is completely free to use.

2. Are all trades winners on Bitcoin Revolution?
No, there is no miracle on offer here. From time to time, some trades will lose out. If there was such a thing as a guaranteed winner, the entire global financial system would collapse! What we can guarantee, though, is that inexperienced traders will put themselves at a significant advantage and enjoy a greater likelihood of successful trades by using Bitcoin Revolution.

This is for the simple reason that the trading software uses an advanced algorithm that takes a range of signals and indicators into account. It “decides” what and when to buy and sell using this data, and as a result, it enjoys the sort of success rate that even highly experienced traders can only dream of.