Swayam presents a PPE kit online in waterproof taffeta to protect you against hazardous biological agents that may affect your health while working in your workplace. The kit includes a shoe cover, 3 PLY face mask, full face Flexi sheet protect eye mask, hand gloves, and disposal bag. These medical textile accessories are great for doctors and nurses working in hospitals for the safety of society. Overall & shoe cover has been designed using smooth finish material that offers ease and comfort.

With this protection equipment kit, one can move from one place to another without any discomfort and irritation. It comes with long front zipper closure that makes it easy for you to wear and take off any time. The personal protection equipment kit is highly flexible thereby, gives you ease while stretching and bending. The purpose of designing a protection kit is to avoid any virus and bacteria that can cause a threat to health.

It thoroughly covers your body and ensures that no exterior element enters your body, be it face, arms, and legs. It is waterproof in nature and thus, doesn’t let water drops enter your body coming in the form of cough or sneeze. The equipment kit acts as a great companion protecting you from possible hazards. It is made up of the finest mesh fabric keeping in mind the comfort and safety factor.

Disposal PPE kit is intricately stitched and robustly designed using supreme quality material so that job occupational, medical personnel, and other professionals remain safe and feel comfortable while working. 3 PLY face masks are bacteria resistant and thus don’t let dust and tiny water droplets enter your body through your nose. Everyone can use these perfectly designed 3 PLY face masks before stepping out of their home.

When it comes to easiness, these masks not only fit your mouth but also offer great breathability making it ideal for everyone. The kit includes a full face Flexi sheet protect eye mask too that is flexible and adjustable. The eye mask has a scratch-proof surface therefore, it doesn’t get impacted by exterior elements. In this way, the scratch-proof surface ensures that the eye mask will deliver a long term service.

In addition, the eye mask has a fog-free clear visibility PVR sheet that enables the medical staff to see clearly everything without any interruption. The clear visible PVR sheet also helps doctors and nurses examining every tiny detail during the treatment and care of patients. The protection kit also includes hand gloves that have been manufactured in accordance with quality standards.

The hand gloves come with a micro rough surface at the palm that promises a great grip to the user. 100 GSM waterproof taffeta protection suit assures a perfect package of comfort, ease, and hygiene making it ideal for medical staff working in hospitals and treating different types of patients. PPE kit is a great way to minimize exposure to hazards that may cause serious trouble for your health.

Personal protection equipment kit protects you from being exposed to viruses, germs, bacterial particulates, or injury that may cause serious damage to your health. All the accessories in the kit have an important role to play as they impose a shield between you and the risk environment you are in. Using a PPE kit is the best option if you want to minimize the risk of injury or illness at your workplace.