Season 4 Week 9 of Fortnite has brought some interesting Halloween challenges. The re-launched Shadow forms, Shadow Midas, and Halloween candies are the most significant update of this week. In the game, candies are scattered throughout the map, and players who usually don’t take an interest in weekly challenges, are now excited to find these sweet candies. These candies are exciting because they just don’t offer shield or restore health but offer some incredible abilities, according to the consumer.

Epic Games has added plenty of challenges this week. Every challenge looks new and interesting, and a certain challenge asks the players to eat 25 candies. By completing this challenge, players can earn XP rewards. To stay alive longer, it is necessary to have candies. By finding rare candies, players can earn some valuable rewards as well. Among the wide range of candies, some offer jump abilities, and some boost the speed.

Apart from the gifts, candies are available on almost every side of the map. Mainly in the buildings and houses, you can find a pretty decent amount of candies. The Marvel-themed event is not over yet, but Dr. Doom is getting a break for the decorations. Right now, in the game, you can find several decorated areas where you can find candies as well. You can find baskets on the decorated areas that will provide candies. Players must smash the baskets to make the candies fall. Once the candies are dropped, you can collect them or consume them for your advantage.

In the mission, players only have to collect 25 candies, and it will take some time to find. The best thing is players should look out for the candies during the match. Well, there is no trick to find the candies quickly, but you can look at the Holly Hedges for slight support.



On the map, you can find a “Hey Boo!” Halloween superstore, which is marked by a small basket of pumpkin. Currently, in the game, every player is looking for the candies, and if you directly drop at Hey Boo!, you’ll enter a huge risk. These locations have a high risk of encountering enemies, but here you can find plenty of candies in a single visit. 

The Halloween event has started, and Epic Games has added plenty of new rewards for the players. However, the biggest reward of the current season is still active in the game. By completing these missions, you can earn XP and new rewards for the Halloween event.

The Shadow form is now also available in the game. However, developers have added some abilities and features to make the game more interesting. There’s also a Shadow form mission available in the current week’s challenges. Players have to turn into a Shadow form to complete the mission.


Fortnite Season 4 Week 9 challenges are offering a significant number of XP rewards. By completing the challenges and earning XP rewards, players can unlock the special Marvel hero skins. It’s true that Fortnitemares 2020 is offering some exceptional rewards, but the Silver, Gold, and Holo skins are still the top-rated rewards that players have to earn. Fortnite is currently available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, while the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions are in development. 

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