The Boxis AF70 micro-cut shredder comes with a unique feature that you won’t find elsewhere. None of its other rivals seem to offer it. The Boxis AF70 micro-cut shredder tends to simultaneously churn over 70 sheets of paper per pass. It can also deal with cardboards and credit cards without any issues. The Boxis AF70 comes at a price of over $180. It’s recommended for those who are searching for ways to avoid identity theft.



The auto shredder Boxis AF70 can move through 70 pages per pass. It can easily convert the paper to mini confetti-like pieces meeting the DIN security standards of Level P-4, thereby making it almost impossible to create for ID theft.

This micro-cut shredder by Boxis can be used to create one of the most complicated puzzles in the world. However, the Boxis AF70 works very effectively in the process of destruction of the most sensitive physical information of the users, that otherwise can go into the hands of abusers.

Bits and pieces of the used material can be collected in its huge 13.7L, which can be used over a longer duration without worrying about emptying it at every instance. The micro-cut shredder Boxis AF70 also helps in shredding up the staples and credit cards, and in one go, it can easily handle over 70 sheets of paper at a time. All hail to the effectively useful document feeder. It has got widespread praise from many users; however, it can work only up to 10 minutes without getting overheated.

The micro-cut technology of AF70 helps produce pieces over six times smaller compared to the regular cross-cut shredders that cut pieces with up to a dimension of 4mm x 12mm. The micro-cut shredder Boxis also meets the new DIN 66399 European Security Standard’s requirements, more precisely P-4.

The company Boxis has, however, not yet clarified whether or not the AF70 will be shredding the CDs or DVDs. However, there’s no doubt that it will destroy the staples, cardboard folders, and credit cards without any issues.

To flush out the paper dust, you will require lubrication. That is why the company is giving 12 free packs of lubricant sheets of the ShredCare brand. Along with them, you will be getting a sample pack waste liner of the same brand for the easy disposal of the waste.

Final Verdict

So, these were the details regarding the micro-cut shredder Boxis AF70. In case the product is unavailable in your region, you can use a prime parcel service to make it reach up to you.

source: Everything About the Boxis AF70 Micro-Cut Shredder