Social media is a vital part of people’s life nowadays especially platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc. It helps bridge the gap across people who live several miles and allows us to gain access to a lot of information in various ways.

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YouTube is primarily an online video sharing platform where anybody and everybody can post by creating channels. These channels have subscribers who receive updates and notifications.

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The number of subscribers along with other factors can be imperative in determining the success of the channel. It is a cumbersome process to slowly develop your YouTube channel and continuous growth can be achieved by a constant increase in the number of subscribers to avoid stagnancy.

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This brings us to the topic, ‘how buying YouTube subscribers can make you happy’. With a noteworthy number of viewers, the channel grows quickly with more and more people watching its content.

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Buying views and subscribers can help kickstart this chain reaction and provides motivation for the person creating content which in turn sets off the cogwheels of creativity and hard work.

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However, there can be active as well as inactive subscribers. It is beneficial to have a greater number of active ones compared to inactive ones as having more number of the former implies more people watching your channel.

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This factor again reinforces the importance of engaging and fresh content. Without it, the whole process might be futile and crash in no time.

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Social influence is usually achieved by having a significant number of followers and this can be initially sought out by buying subscribers which can serve as a ‘push’ for people to do better, in turn, making them happy when their hard work bears fruit.

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There are other benefits to this as well, such as, you show up at the top of searches that contributes to your outreach, builds self-confidence and morale.

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Since YouTube is accessible to anyone anywhere with an internet connection, competition for views and subscribers is very high. Every minute over 350 videos are uploaded on YouTube.

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Therefore in such a competitive platform, one must be innovative and smart in going about building their channel.

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There are definitely cons to this as well, such artificial means must only be used to kickstart your channel otherwise it can lead to a false sense of status and will lead to a decline in actual growth coupled with lesser and lesser organic viewers.

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The foremost aim must be to get the subscribers to watch your videos. The rest such as an increase in count, popularity and views will automatically happen.

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Thus it can be a boon as well as a bane; depends on the person using it to use it effectively and genuinely.

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