The fantasy sports industry faced an exponential growth in the last few years and among all the sports fantasy cricket is the best bet to win over the gaming fan base. This blog is a guide for the beginners on how to get started with fantasy sports app development and what things need to be kept in mind. 

In fantasy sports and particularly fantasy cricket software, the fans pick up real players from an online selection procedure and form a fantasy team. Based on the real game statistics of the players, results are drawn as to whose fantasy team performed the best. Before getting into developing a fantasy sports software, one should be aware of the must-have features during fantasy sports app development – 


  • User registration: In the fantasy sports app development, this feature is basic which asks for details like number, email, ID and a username for the registration process. 
  • Landing Page: Once the login is complete in the fantasy cricket software, the user lands on a page where they come across all the sports which are being played. 
  • Contest: The users can view the details of the contest they are participating in the fantasy sports app. 
  • Join contest: This feature in the fantasy sports app development accepts the users to join a contest and take the entry fees. 
  • Profile settings: With the profile settings, the users can customize their profile along with checking their reward points, transaction history, account details and more. 
  • Dashboard: The dashboard is accessed by the Admin for the number of matches played and other information related to players. 
  • User account manager: The user can manage their entire account where they can edit, initiate, delete or deactivate their account. 
  • View earnings: With this functionality, the admins can access the total earnings of the players.
  • Report management: The feature of report management empowers the admin to access all the reports like earning reports, player ranking reports and more. 


Designing an Effective Fantasy Sports App

The most crucial thing in fantasy sports app development and fantasy cricket app development is the app design. There are various elements to which the users interact once they are inside the fantasy sports app. During the fantasy sports app development, the first element needs to be considered is its onboarding. There should be a guide in the app which take the user in the different parts of the application. Also, there should be minimal text usage in the fantasy sports app development and it should be avoided until and unless it is absolutely required. 

These are the set of features and designing requirements which you can expect from the fantasy sports app development company

How to Monetize a Fantasy App?

It is of utmost importance to know how to monetize your efforts of fantasy cricket app development. There are various monetization models available for the businesses who work around the fantasy sports applications. The fantasy sports app developers focus on – 

  • Advertisement
  • Participation fees
  • Several user engagements models