Stashing cannabis is undoubtedly a pain among many potheads. This is so because not so many inexpensive containers can contain the smell or even hide these smokable herbs.

This leads us to see how best we can contain the smell of grass, hide it as we carry it around, or even protect the air from getting in and out of the bag or container. The best way to necessitate all that is by using a smell proof bag or container.


Now that a myriad of states allows the consumption of medical, recreational, or both types of cannabis, that doesn't mean that a ganja enthusiast should be careless in the way they carry their goodie around. We should always have stellar ways in place to store and carry around our favorite cannabis strain.

It is proper weed etiquette to be a proud stoner, but that one who doesn't need to be loud.

By definition, smell-proof cannabis bags or containers refer to bags and containers meant explicitly for reducing or eliminating the odor of weed so that it may be transported hassle-freely.

Necessarily, this hiding of the odor makes it possible for those who pass through strict laws surrounding the consumption of cannabis to forge ahead without any cause for alarm. Secondly, one won’t have to meet the stigmatization that would come through from friends and some family members who oppose the consumption of cannabis.


Size and the design
Your taste and preference come really handy here. For instance, you may select from the different colors present and the exact shape on how you want your smell proof bag and container to look like.

Size also depends. If you would like to carry around high amounts of pot and its corresponding accessories, then buying a small size will be inconvenient to you.

Secondly, the design of the bag should be in such a way that it has other pockets if you would like to carry the consumption equipment safely.

You undoubtedly wouldn't like to buy a container or a bag that will serve you for a couple of months and get damaged.

The materials used in manufacturing that bag should be tailored in such a way that it will offer the right definition for durability.

Technology used
High chances are that you will buy your smell proof bag or container online. You may be sure to read the description of that product entirely.

The best smell proof containers or bags should be made using carbon technology. This will help in the sense that there are the absorption and the filtration of weed odors; thus, no smell will escape.

Secondly, a thick material should be used in manufacturing the product. When compared to a thin fabric, you will undoubtedly agree that the chances of having leaked smell in thick are far much lesser as compared to the usage of a thin one.

The phrase cheap is expensive may correctly apply here. You will obviously not expect the cost of a smell proof bag or container that is made of thick material and has been made using the carbon technology to cost the same way with an ordinary opaque, plastic bag.

You will not expect anyone to snoop through your container or bag. That said, it will help big time if you select a product that supports the usage of a lock.

What to carry inside the bag
You won’t be carrying a single strain of pot in the bag only. That said, you may choose a bag that will help in avoiding the mixing of odors inside the bag or container and prevent the consumption equipment from colliding with each other.


Let’s take a look at the best rated smell proof bags and containers for cannabis on the market right now, so that you can make an informed decision and choose the type of container that’s perfect for you. Picture


This patent pending product offers superior odor proof control, even dogs can’t smell what’s inside. Perfect for trapping smells to avoid unwanted attention in public places and keep things discreet in your home, at work or while travelling. These premium lockable smell proof bags are dog tested and approved.

Keep your valuables safe and protected with this smell proof bag. Moreover, these hidden scent stash bags prevent unnecessary incidence where children or pets can get in contact with your goods.

You know your stash are well protected when the four elements were kept in mind during the design process. This odor proof bag can take the heat, the cold and everything in between. More importantly, the outer shell is water resistant keeping your techs and herb safely protected inside.

Designed to stand the test of time with heavy duty constructed materials, these odor proof bags can be used daily for years to come. Moreover, this case is modular to help keep your stash organized to the way you like it – perfect for your grinder card, rolling papers, lighters, baggies, pipes and more.

ECO Farm weed container designed for secure storage both in the home and on the road. Sleek and Stylish yet Secure and Discreet. The premium storage option. Picture


The Bag by Abscent Minded is a odour absorbing travel-size bag.Abscent's Toiletry Bag is the ideal size for carrying all of your compact goods. The carbon contained in this bag has a life of 2 years before starting to smell.

Pair them with a backpack or duffel to keep items separate, or use it by itself when you don't have much to carry. This is a must-have smaller carry bag.

Double-lined premium quality activated carbon lining, new antimicrobial lining to protect the carbon, H2O-guard zipper for 100% protection, water resistant exterior and a spacious main compartment.

Strategic stitching and carbon-packed seams offer an ideal odor-absorbing composition.


There are thousands of smell proof bags and containers available online and in -stores. But not all of them are entirely smell-proof, made with good material, last long, or can be called the best.

Prices of these smell proof bags also varies from product to product, so allocate a mid-size budget and go for a higher quality and value for money product instead of the cheapest one.

If you want to use these bags to store spices, dog treats, scents, or other “safe” items, you can go for small pouches or containers. However, if your ultimate purpose is to carry portion amount of herbs and accessories when traveling, buy a large size case of bag with mesh pockets.

Additionally, if you’re planning to make a DIY smell proof bag, do focus on an important question i.e., can dogs smell through this vacuum sealed bags? Read this guide to have a better understanding of what dogs can and can’t smell.

Our selection of best smell proof bags and containers above will help you eliminate lower–quality stash bags and only choose to form the highest quality ones. We will keep updating the list as newer models launch in the market so you might want to bookmark the page.