When you picture women’s suits, what comes to your mind? Hmm, broad shoulders, double pads, and straight leg suiting, right? It has been on the rise in women's wear for decades now. Over the past few seasons, prominent designers have introduced a lot more reasons to ditch the antiquated factor that suits for women are only suitable for the corporate field or business sector. Of course, you can choose a traditional 9 to 5 jacket-and-trousers combination, but today, you can find options that include playful patterns, floral designs, pastel shades, and for the warm days; short and skirt sets.


How to Pick the Perfect Suit for Women?

The main goal of any corporate suit or other suit is to let your mind do the talking, and your fashion sense takes a step back. But what’s the fun in that? Style and work can always walk hand in hand, especially if you feel amazing in a pant suit, don’t think twice, view more and go for the best suit you see in the store.


Remember, you don’t have to be a ‘baby giraffe’ walking in uncomfortable heels when wearing a suit. So, no matter what your style or preference is, ensure to keep comfort your number one priority. Look for both classic and non-traditional suits to invest in for new and vibrant looks.


Here is the compiled list of women’s suits that best for office and corporate events this fall:


Veronica Beard Suit: Pastel has been a popular trend in the fashion industry for years now. So, let’s face it; you can use a cheery suit for your corporate event. Veronica Beard is widely known for a modern take on the traditional suit, and this suit has an ultra-feminine design and unique factor. If you don’t want to style the whole pink look, you can switch it a little and pair the blazer with jeans.


J.Crew Suit in Italian Stretch Wool: One of the established brands in the industry, J. Crew is known for their well-tailored, top-quality pant and skirt designers suits for women. This specific skirt suit is perfectly designed to flatter all body types and figures. Both the skirt and blazer are crafted from Italian stretch wool; it is soft and comfortable material to wear. It is available in various colours, so pick a favourite now!


M.M. LaFleur Wool Twill Suit: Are you searching for a statement suit that is a little different from your traditional one? Well, if yes, ensure to check out M.M. LaFleur, they are known for their business attire designs filled with sophisticated and elevated designs. Their wool twill suit is a versatile two-piece that you can wear on an interview day.


In Conclusion

Because the current fashion industry is known to mix and match but keep it simple at the same time, you can never fail to find perfect designers suits that fit your style and budget. If you’re bored with standard solid colour business suits, check out the quirky collection available online.


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