Brushing your teeth every morning and night doesn’t mean you are giving your mouth all attention it needs. Even having a regular good oral hygiene routine can leave your teeth in bad condition. So, it’s essential to understand proper brushing technique and ensure you have the right tools in your cabinet to make sure your teeth are clean and healthy at all times. According to a reputable San Diego Dentist, small lifestyle changes can lead you towards good oral health. Here are some tips dentists must follow to keep their oral health in check.

Follow proper brushing technique: It’s no secret that the general recommendation from the doctors is that you must follow an appropriate technique for brushing your teeth. Even if your friends praise you for having good teeth, it’s essential to take the right steps every day to take good care of your teeth and prevent problems. Understand proper brushing technique and ensure you use the right tools to through clean your teeth.

Use a mouthwash: A simple mouthwash can give you a clean, refreshing breath. If toothbrush and floss are not your cups of tea, opt for mouth wash to get rid of debris that causes gingivitis. Add mouthwash to your oral care regimen to maintain a good oral health.

Change your brush: Bristles of your brush deteriorate with time and using the same toothbrush for a long time will cause more harm than doing any good for your teeth. Use a new brush every three to four months, or at your semiannual dental checkup.

Use a tongue scrapper: There are some toothbrushes that come with a rigid tongue scrapper. After brushing, bacteria may still remain on the tongue. San Diego Dentist, recommend using a tongue scraper to clean your tongue to get rid of the bad smell.