Don’t wait until the writing is on the wall! If your business happens to show one or more of these signs, it is high time you adopt offshore software development to stay ahead, relevant and competitive in the ever-demanding global market. The market is no longer about cost……. It’s about delivery more, lot’s more!

Scenario 1: You need to streamline operation and processes to meet the business growth.

The last financial year has been a great gain for your company? Congratulations on all the hard work and well-planned strategies! However as the business grows, so does the demand to logically and effectively streamline processes to boost momentum for another successful year.

Those who fail to transform soon may find it challenging to sprint forward as current processes prove to be hard to scale up, too time-consuming and bulky to meet the expanding customer base or not functional enough for new requirements your business has never dealt with before.

Scenario 2: Innovation and technology in your end products are diminishing.

In another universe, your last financial year has been rough and not-so-positive? The Industry 4.0 comes with greater need for digital and technological transformation and that applies for all business entities, not just tech companies. The failure might come from your products not looking good or functioning well on mobile devices – not uncommon 48% of global internet traffic were mobile last year!. Or maybe your competitors managed to integrate some “cool” technological advances to wow potential customers. Or their software has been upgraded to boost time to market and customer service.

Facing harsh competition, your business may need to invest more innovation and technology to end products, but also fast and effectively to catch up and reclaim the market share.

Scenario 3: Talent shortage, high overheads and legacy systems are restraining your business.

Sometimes, the forces that pull your company back are not external, but from within your own organisation. Having acknowledged the importance of latest technological advances and strong software development resources, many companies still struggle with the triad of talent shortage, high overheads and legacy systems.

However recruiting a dedicated professional (not to mention a complete in-house software development team) is neither easy nor cost-efficient, especially when your main business is not software development or tech-related – good luck pitching that to your CFO!

Scenario 4: Your collaboration with outsourcing providers are turning sour.

There is a very good chance your business was or has been co-operating with an third party provider for software development purposes in past. The partnership, however, turned sour as it is in the nature of shared services that your business requirements couldn’t always be their top priority.

Conflicts range widely from the provider’s responses and support not being prompt and efficient as they used to be, hidden costs popping up along the way or their offerings being too rigid to scale up. You know it is just the matter of time before you sack the unhealthy collaboration and pursue a more comprehensive, long-term, committed software development solution.

A smarter solution

Having considered all those scenarios, it is understandable why offshore software development re-emerges as a smarter solution for task delegation, flexibility of operation, scheduling resource and speed to market… – pretty much everything to facilitate your business growth right in the next financial year.

For software development companies, offshoring means your local team can now focus on client-facing, customer retention and revenue generating activities (ie sales, L&D, business analysis) while the offshore teams take on value-preserving functions (ie product testing, helpdesk, QA & QC) It is also a cost-saving, quality-assuring practice to adopt if you look into the global wage arbitrage and narrowed expertise gap among countries.

For companies in other industries, building an offshore software development team allows a quick and efficient leverage to your business operation. You can easily tap into qualified professionals who work solely for your company without concerning the lack of infrastructure and expertise. Imagine how much competitive edge your financial planning or healthcare enterprise would enjoy thanks to self-devised software full of customised functions, editable templates and multi-tasking procedures!

With 8 years’ experience in helping lots of companies build their offshoring teams in general and offshore software development teams in specific, Saigon Technology has the understanding and best practices to fast track your offshoring success. Should you have any enquiry regarding offshore software development in 2020, don’t hesitate to contact us and receive free consultation.