Freddie Highmore will return as Dr. Shaun Murphy, but a major character will not. This will add to the disappointment of fans, which still hasn’t faded away after the heart-wrenching finale of season 3.

The first season of “The Good Doctor” debuted on ABC in 2017, and its lead character Dr. Shaun Murphy instantly hooked all the viewers with his saccharine charisma. Season 1 explored the journey of a prodigious doctor who has autism spectrum disorder but takes a leap from his ordinary life in rural suburbs of Washington when he joins the highly professional yet mean staff of St. Bonaventure Hospital the San Jose.

As the story intensified and the plot thickened, we came closer to the characters and lived through their euphoria and tragedy. Apart from showing Dr. Murphy’s genius and the subsequent bewilderment of his colleagues, the series also deeply followed Dr. Glassman’s struggles with cancer and Dr. Neil Melendez’s tragic love story.

The shocking ending of Season 3 revealed Dr. Melendez’s painful and heroic death after he chose to perform an emergency surgery instead of looking after himself. The heroic efforts of Dr. Melendez meant that the injury he had sustained after the earthquake pushed him towards his eventual demise.

Fans were not at all pleased with his death and expressed their sadness, frustration, and rage on social media as soon as the finale rolled down its credits.

Season 4, as you might have expected, would deal with Dr. Shaun Murphy and the teams’ scuffle with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The trailer for the season has already been unveiled on the shows’ social media handle. The caption, however, did pay homage to the now-deceased character Dr. Neil Melendez.

“The Good Doctor Season 4 has arrived, and we are already crying,” the caption read.

The comments that followed right below the trailer unveiled on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram also screamed for Dr. Neil Melendez.

Some fans have even started to suggest that the show will be on the downhill with Melendez gone. Well, nobody knows that for sure, but, one thing is certain, Dr. Shaun Murphy could very well have more trouble coming for him. Will another character die? Nothing suggests that it cannot happen.

The trailer has revealed that the fourth season will hit the screens starting Monday, November the 1st, 2020. It is one of the things that can make your “Monday morning blues” disappear.

And, it looks like apart from Nicholas Gonzalez, everyone is returning for Season 4. Even the actor Will Yun Lee appeared in the trailer despite his character’s revelation to leave the town last season. Will Yun Lee plays Dr. Park in the series.

There are new additions to the ensemble cast, including recruits who will report to Dr. Shaun Murphy. The recruits will be played by Summer Brown, Noah Galvin, Brian Marc, and Bria Samone.

The executive producer of the show David Shore had revealed in one of his interviews that Will Yun Lee’s Dr. Park is still very well part of the show as his plans to move out of the city was hampered because of the abrupt lockdown.

The lead actor of the show, Freddie Highmore, had also talked about season 4 in his interview with TV Insider, where he had revealed that Dr. Murphy’s ongoing relationship with Lea Dilallo would traverse through an emotional and mature path rather than going through the usual immature early dating vibes. Catch all the drama, heartache, and thrill of The Good Doctor on Hulu. Season 4 will arrive on November the 1st, 2020. 

Source: ABC Drama Series “The Good Doctor” Will Return for the Fourth Time