Vegetarian foods! Well, I can share the same basic recommendations for a healthy wholesome vegetarian diet, also it is not exactly a chart.

  1. Two meals with a salad of raw vegetables which include in your vegetarian meals in two varieties grown above and two grown in-ground. Salads should be included in your food. It should be eaten with cooked food for eating Vegetarian foods they should include.
  2. Whole grain vegetarian dishes and the bread baked of freshly milled whole grains.
  3. Cooked, baked vegetables and condiments, sauces made of whole real foods (it is optional). It’s for vegetarian meals to be included in your food.
  4. Vegetarian dishes of raw grain cereal combined with fresh fruit (grains are soaked immediately after grinding overnight or sprouted) and cream, nuts, and fresh lemon juice (or you may prepare it with herbs, onion, and garlic).
  5. Butter, raw milk butter, fresh heavy cream, sour cream, nuts, and seeds