Rosin press enthusiasts know how important it is to have a high-quality rosin press machine. To be honest, the purity, potency, and overall quality of the rosin press mostly depend on the machine you have.

Within the rosin press industry, there are a lot of brands to choose from, and so many rosin press sizes, capacities, and amounts of smashing power to wade through to find the best rosin press machine for your particular needs. Good quality rosin presses are some of the most sought after pieces of equipment for indoor plant enthusiasts, growers, and gardeners looking to extract rosin.

When it comes to extracting rosin, quality is of the utmost concern. Low-quality presses from low-quality manufacturers, poorly designed products, or cheaply built home presses can mean a poor final product and terrible yields, taking up your valuable time and resources.

Fortunately, our experts have cut through the BS to bring you a review of the Nugsmasher line of rosin presses – one of’s most popular brands. Nugsmasher, is one of the hottest brands in the rosin pressing industry and without a doubt one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality rosin presses - for every size operation from the commercial grower to the casual home enthusiast. If you’re still having the Nugsmasher Mini vs the Original debate in your head, or are looking for a good Nugsmasher review, our Complete Nugsmasher review is here to help.

NugSmasher has quickly become a household name when it comes to high-quality rosin presses. They produce several different models of manual, electric, and pneumatic rosin presses, each with their own strengths and designed uses.


Let's get to the big advantage right away: value for money.

Best Value For Money
In terms of price, NugSmasher presses occupy a space in the market between the extremely expensive industrial machines and the cheap Chinese brands. In terms of quality, they are much closer to the industrial models and actually outperform some of them. As a result, the value you get is unmatched. Cheaper models are nowhere near as good and much more expensive models can be a bit better (see the "cons" section below), but many aren't. NugSmasher models cost far less that they should, especially considering the solid steel construction and the lifetime warranty. Ease Of Use
All NugSmasher presses are plug and play. You do not need an air compressor. You can run the Pro with an air compressor to increase production capacity, but you can also operate it manually. Whatever the model, just plug it in, turn it on, and start extracting rosin. Ultra-Precise And Consistent Temperatures
Heat cartridges inside the plates (multiple cartridges for the larger plates) ensure fast heating times and even heat distribution. Thermally isolated top plates minimize loss of heat from the pressing area.

All you have to do is set the desired temperature and your press will heat the plates accordingly. Once the temperature has been reached, the plates stay at that temperature throughout the press for ultimate consistency.


There is really only one disadvantage and it only applies to some people. These presses are aimed at home users or small commercial operations.

If you're looking for an industrial press to power a large scale operation, I would not recommend a NugSmasher press, not even the Pro and certainly not a press like the Mini.

But if you are pressing just for yourself or if you are starting a small commercial operation, then these units are easily the best choice. Nowhere else do you get the same value for money.

NugSmasher Mini Rosin Press

The Nugsmasher Mini is our experts’ favorite personal, portable, entry-level rosin press from Nugsmasher. This low-cost, yet extremely powerful unit features manual operation like some of its bigger brothers, but comes in a much more compact package that’s great for travel and makes a great counter-top unit that’s perfect for when you have friends over. At just 7” wide and 14” tall, the Nugsmasher Mini is truly a countertop rosin press, but don’t let its small footprint fool you. The NugSmasher Mini is powerful, manually operated machine, with a whopping 2 tons of pressure coupled with dual 70W heating elements and a 2.5” x 2.5” square pressing area which can accommodate up to 5g of material.

This unit comes fully assembled with a lifetime warranty and made in America with features that you would normally expect to find on larger, more expensive commercial rosin presses. Just plug it in, warm it up, and get to smashing. It’s also one of the most affordable, quality presses on the market, making it our experts pick for the best small, manual, and affordable personal rosin press.


  • 2 tons of pressure
  • Press up to 3.5 grams of material per press
  • Made from extremely rugged solid steel
  • Large 2.5" aircraft grade aluminum smash plates
  • 2x 70w heating elements that heat up fast and stay hot
  • Temperature control with pinpoint accuracy
  • Circuit protection for added safety
  • Safe & fast smash plate release lever
  • Manual pump lever

Nugsmasher Original

This is the OG press that started it all. The Nugsmasher Original, aka Nugsmasher OG, aka Lil Smasher, is an affordable manual, personal rosin press that’s one powerful step up from the Mini. When you’re thinking about the mini vs the original, the Original has 12 tons of smashing pressure - six times the power of the Mini.

The Original also features 4" x 4" squash plates with dual heating elements, allowing you to press up to 14g of material at a time. If you want professional results out of a compact machine, the Nugsmasher original may be the perfect choice for you. With a lifetime warranty and super affordable price, the Nugsmasher Original is one of the best personal rosin presses you can get and one of our top rosin press review recommendations for a manual, personal rosin press.

Nugsmasher X

Next up in the Nugsmasher lineup is the Nugsmasher X. If you’re tired of cranking down on that handle and want to switch to an electric Nugsmasher press, this unit is the top pick of the company’s personal, electric rosin presses. Since it’s electric, all you have to do is push a button to start extracting with the Nugsmasher X’s full 3 tons of pressure.

Get the exact amount of controlled pressure you need, automatically with no tinkering around or guessing. Its 4” x 4” inch heated extraction plates allow you to easily extract up to 14g of solventless concentrate with the Nugsmasher X’s one touch operation.

Our experts were impressed with the power and capacity of the Nugsmasher X electric rosin press, and considering its low price, it’s one of the best electric rosin press brands we’ve had a chance to use. It comes with a full manufacturer’s lifetime warranty and easy to reach customer service, making it our expert’s pick for an affordable electric rosin press.

Nugsmasher Pro

For our final Nugsmasher review, we have the Nugsmasher Pro – the granddaddy of the entire Nugsmasher product line. If you could combine all the best things we’ve mentioned in the Nugsmasher Mini review, the Nugsmasher Original review, the Nugsmasher XP review, and the Nugsmasher Touch review, and put them all into one magnificent machine, then add increased capacity, yields AND make it a hybrid press, you would have the Nugsmasher Pro.

The Nugsmasher Pro is the ideal press for anyone who asks a lot from their press and demands a high quality product. It can press more than 112 grams of material per press using 20 tons of smashing power and is customizable with 3 different squash plate configurations; a set of 7" x 10" plates, dual 10" x 2.5" plates or 6 individual 2.5" x 3" plates for a sweet multi pad style setup. But the thing that really sets the Pro apart from the other Nugsmasher rosin presses is that it’s a truly hybrid machine. You have the choice of either operating it manually with its comfortable, ergonomically designed handles, or you can hook it up to an external air compressor, transforming it into a fully automatic pneumatic press. The NugSmasher Pro commercial rosin press is an excellent choice if you need a super powerful, dependable hybrid machine that’s flexible enough to adjust and change to your unique needs.


You've probably noticed a theme: value. Every one of the NugSmasher rosin press machine gives you the best value you can find compared to similar models from other manufacturers. You also get great solid steel construction and excellent customer service with a lifetime warranty.

What's more, each NugSmasher machine is available in both a combo and a master starter set, that also includes tons of accessories to make rosin extraction easier. Save even more when you get it all together in a prepackaged kit.