Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world with over 2.5 billion fans across 180 countries. Cricket has a huge scope for business with the addition of a huge number of fans, leagues, tournaments, corporates and many big brands. The year 2020 brings immense opportunities for fantasy sports app development and specifically for fantasy cricket software.

Market Evolvement for Fantasy Cricket App Development

Fantasy cricket has emerged as a billion-dollar industry and now it is much more than just a sport. The fantasy cricket software is a huge success as every enthusiast is not just a fan but an expert also. These experts can find no better platform than fantasy cricket apps.

In the US and Canada, fantasy sports development started in the 1980s and has 59.3 million users. In India, the user base of fantasy sports software has crossed 70 million in 2018. In the last two years, the number of users of Dream11 app has increased from 60 lakhs to 6 crores and more.

Why Should You Invest in Fantasy Cricket Software Development?

  • There are various cricket events and tournaments organized each year like IPL, test matches etc. giving huge scope for fantasy cricket app development.
  • The concept of fantasy cricket software development is still new in the market and it is easy to earn a loyal user base with new software. There are not a huge number of apps available in the market and so you can earn a lot of money in a short period.
  • In most of the countries, betting is illegal but fantasy sports software development is legal. Fantasy cricket is considered a game of skill and is a huge success from the support of cricket lovers.
  • The fantasy cricket app development empowers the app owners to acquire new customers everyday especially during the time of cricket league. The app owners can earn money as the winning amount of users will be less than the entry fees collected for a particular league.

Why 2020?

The best time for fantasy cricket software development is right now in 2020. There are a lot of events going on and to encash this excitement and get high revenues, you should start with fantasy cricket app development right away. The important cricket events taking place in 2020 are as follows:

  • Indian Premier League: IPL is organized by BCCI every year and usually takes place in India. In 2020, this is the 13th season of IPL going on and the audience from worldwide is participating.
  • Cricket World Cup ODI: International ODI cricket world cup is one of the biggest cricket events and cricket lovers remain extremely excited for it. It takes place every 4 years whopping millions of viewers and consequently the players.
  • Big Bash League: Big Bash League is also a prominent cricket event and brings in a huge number of participation from cricket lovers and immense opportunities for fantasy cricket app developers.
  • World Cup T-20: T20 World cup is held once in every two years and the seventh edition will be held in 2020. This brings in a perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs and fantasy cricket app developers to make a lot of money and go big.