Patna is also one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the world. The earliest reference of Patna was like 2500 years ago in some Buddhist scriptures. Gautam Buddha passed through Patna through last year of his life. Patna is well known in the past history.

IAS is a different choice taken by the students. Aiming to be a successful IAS aspirant is not just enough; a person requires putting a lot of efforts to achieve his/her goals. IAS officer is a reputed post. It is a public service and it is a very respectful and honourable position. It is very tough to crack this examination.

Cracking IAS exam is not a piece of cake, a person requires proper coaching. A proper coaching enables the student to clear the examination with less difficulty. Patna has few of the best online and offline coaching institutes that help the student to understand the vast syllabus. Most of the coaching centers also conduct mock tests to understand the students the capacity.

To succeed in this competition and to secure highest rank, it requires a lot of efforts. Coaching institutes usually reduce self-effort by explaining the vast syllabus in easy and understandable manner. It is important for the student to take best possible coaching to crack this exam.

Patna consists of various institutes which provide the best coaching based on the student requirement. Every student has their own requirement and criteria before they join into any coaching institute. Therefore, Patna has many best IAS coaching academies.