A YouTube channel can’t survive without subscribers. YouTubers need organic views to grow. The more views your videos get, the more popular you will be. y. YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. It is not wise to spend money on promotion; rather, it would be good to work on a channel organically. Every YouTuber wants to head towards success and wish to gain millions of subscribers. Here is how to promote a YouTube channel without spending money.

Use SEO Tools

The first way to make your video go viral is SEO. Promoting YouTube videos can be easy for you with the help of SEO tools. You can use some tools to help you find the right keywords, trending keywords, and trending hashtags. One of the best free SEO tools is Keyword.io.

Find the Keyword

To rank your video higher, you must know what your video is about and which title it should have. You can find the appropriate keywords for your video using keyword.io. It is an online tool that can be accessed via the Chrome browser. You must include a keyword that describes your content. Know what term people will be typing to search your video.

Craft Title

The title plays the most important role in ranking your videos higher. It is essential to add the most trending keyword in the title; otherwise, your video won’t reach more viewers. The video title can either make or break your success on the platform, so it is important to do research on the title of similar videos before you publish yours.

Add Description

Description plays a 30% role in helping your video appear in the search results. Nowadays, many YouTubers put hashtags in the “description” section. Doing so is a great way to rank a video higher. In addition to it, you can add all the terms related to your video in the “Description” section. This will help your video appear along with the videos that match your topic. Never forget to use your channel as a hashtag in the section. If a viewer watches your video, the next video with the same hashtag will automatically appear on his/her YouTube home page.

Use Tags

A YouTube video ranks higher when it has some trending and the most searched tags. You can increase your views with the help of your tags. Before using tags in your video, it is important to do research on some trending videos before using tags. The tags lead your video to the right viewers who are looking for it. In order to find out the tags used in a popular video, you can use an Android app named “YouTags Pro.” Just copy the URLs of the video you want to find the tags of, and click “Ok.” All the tags used in the video will appear on the screen.

Promote Your Videos on Social Media

You can promote your YouTube channel on Facebook and gain more views. Encourage your friends to watch your videos. Ask them to subscribe to your YouTube channel and share it with others. If the same process continues for several months, nothing can stop you from becoming a great YouTuber. Facebook has more than 2 billion active users.

Pay Attention to Analytics

In order to know how your channel is performing and from which part of the world your video is getting more love, you should pay special attention to the analytics.

We know how hard it is to survive on YouTube in today’s competitive world. These tips will help you promote your channel effectively and that too for free. We hope you make it big on YouTube.

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